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A Virtual Special Issue on plant ecological strategy axes in leaf and wood traits

Published: 01 Jul 2008

Introduction to a Virtual Special Issue on plant ecological strategy axes in leaf and wood traits
Peter S. Curtis and David D Ackerly

Convergent tapering of xylem conduits in different woody species
Tommaso Anfodillo, Vinicio Carraro, Marco Carrer, Claudio Fior, Sergio Rossi

Evolution of hydraulic traits in closely related species pairs from mediterranean and non-mediterranean environments of North America
Radika Bhaskar, Alfonso Valiente-Banuet, David Ackerly

Diversity of hydraulic traits in nine Cordia species growing in tropical forests with contrasting precipitation
Brendan Choat, Lawren Sack, N Michelle Holbrook

Correlated evolution of stem and leaf hydraulic traits in pereskia (Cactaceae)
Erika J Edwards

Sapling strength and safety: the importance of wood density in tropical forests
Daniel Falster

A test of the generality of leaf trait relationships on the Tibetan Plateau
Jin-Sheng He, Zhiheng Wang, Xiangping Wang, Bernhard Schmid, Wenyun Zuo, Peng Zhou, Chengyang Zheng, Mingfeng Wang, Jingyun Fang

Are correlations among foliar traits in ferns consistent with those in the seed plants
Amanda Karst, Martin Lechowiczz

Leaf trait relationships of native and invasive plants: community and global-scale comparisons
Michelle Leishman, Tammy Haslehurst, Adrian Ares, Zdravko Baruch

A global meta-analysis shows relationships of leaf mass per area with species shade tolerance depend on leaf habit and ontogeny
Christopher Lusk, David Warton

Leaf lifespan and lifetime carbon balance of individual leaves in a stand of an annual herb, Xanthium canadense
Shimpei Oikawa

Relationships among xylem transport, biomechanics, and storage in stems and roots of nine Rhamnaceae species of the California chaparral
R Pratt, A Jacobsen, F Ewers, S Davis

Wood density and vessel traits as distinct correlates of ecological strategy in fifty-one California coast range angiosperms
Katherine Preston, William Cornwell, Jeanne DeNoyer

Nitrogen resorption and photosynthetic activity over leaf lifespan in an evergreen shrub, Rhododendron ferrugineum, in a subalpine environment
A Pornon, T Lamaze

Wood mechanics, allometry and life-history variation in a tropical rain forest tree community
Lourens Poorter, HA van Gelder, FJ Sterck

Evolutionary control of leaf element composition in plants
Toshihiro Watanabe, Martin Broadley, Steven Jansen, Philip White, Jitsuya Takada, Kenichi Satake, Takejiro Takamatsu, Sehat Jaya Tuah, Mitsuru Osaki

Irradiance, temperature and rainfall influence leaf dark respiration in woody plants: evidence from comparisons across 20 sites
Ian J. Wright, Peter B. Reich , Owen K. Atkin, Christopher H. Lusk, Mark G. Tjoelker, Mark Westoby