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Special & Virtual Issues

New Phytologist regularly produces themed issues that focus on areas of current importance – these always contain the lively Forum section, with insightful and thought-provoking commentaries, in-depth Tansley reviews and/or concise Research reviews, as well as original research papers on the same subject area. Our aim is that these issues should support the research community by bringing together timely, high quality research and opinion in a given field.

Special Issues | Virtual Special Issues

Special Issues

These issues contain articles devoted to a particular research topic.

Ecology and evolution
of mycorrhizas
Plants interacting
with other oganisms
Ecology and evolution of mycorrhizas Plant interactions with other organisms Plant anaerobiosis Plant polyploidy
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Virtual Special Issues

These online-only issues contain a collection of related articles from various issues of New Phytologist. By pulling these papers together with an up-to-date Editorial we aim to make these more accessible for our readers and encourage further research in these topics.

Pytopathogen effector proteins

Scaling Root Processes

Phytopathogen effector proteins
(April 2014)

Scaling Root Processes: Global Impacts
(December 2013)
Ecological Stoichiometry Virtual Special Issue to mark the 200th Volume of New Phytologist
 Ecological stoichiometry & global change
(November 2012)
Virtual Special Issue to mark the 200th Volume of New Phytologist
(October 2013)
Calcium signalling in plants Sir Arthur Tansley's ecosystem concept
Calcium signalling in plants
(December 2011)
Sir Arthur Tansley's ecosystem concept
(November 2011)
Plant Fungus Plant Respiration
Pathogenic plant–fungus interactions
(November 2010)
Plant respiration
(July 2011)

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Mycoheterotrophy (January 2010)
Probing the carbon cycle with 13C (September 2009)
Plant ecological strategy axes in leaf and wood traits (July 2008)