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Edited By: Dr Linda Thomas

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Virtual Issue - 70th Anniversary

Editorial for Virtual Issue to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the SDT

Decades of the Society of Dairy Technology have been marked by the International Journal of Dairy Technology (formerly the Journal of the Society of Dairy Technology) in various ways and generally in keeping with the background issues of the times.

A series of papers on the national dairy research programmes of countries in different parts of the world was published on the occasion of the diamond anniversary in 2003 and highlighted the emergence of genetics and biotechnology into mainstream dairy science and technology. Introducing the series, the late Dr. Ernest J Mann noted with regret the closure of the National Institute for Research in Dairying due to Government cutbacks in 1985 and went on to articulate the excitement, hope and expectations of advances in science & technology arising from these programmes.

Against a background of economic turmoil and uncertainty in the international dairy industry as the Society entered it fiftieth year in 1993, the then Honorary Scientific Editor, Prof. Donald Muir noted that the keystone of technological progress was a ready source of up to date and relevant information and went on to introduce the categories of articles, that by and large are still published in IJDT, with a view to providing that information. During this decade the title of the journal was changed to IJDT to reflect the shift that had taken place from publishing largely proceedings of meetings to refereed original research papers.

In 1973 the message from the then President, Mr. E. Green referred to the volume of articles dealing with technical issues associated with European Regulations following accession to the EEC.

Issue one of Vol. 16 (1963) included papers from a meeting on Instrumentation & Process Control, while in 1953 the issues of milk producers, including milk testing, were prominent.

To mark the 70th Anniversary of the formation of the Society of Dairy Technology this year the Publication Committee appropriately decided to publish a virtual issue of IJDT comprising papers from each decade and covering a range of subject matters to exemplify the range & quality of the scientific research that was published in IJDT over the past 66 years and the relevance of that work to the technical needs of the entire dairy industry; both processors & milk producers.

That it was possible to do this relatively quickly was due to the fact that over the last decade, thanks mainly to the Trojan efforts of Dr Ian McDougall (current editor) and Dr Hugh Pinnock (previous editor), all the past issues of IJDT/JSDT were digitised and are available online to subscribers and members.

The difficult task of selecting only 10 outstanding papers from the 66 volumes of IJDT proved insurmountable, thus 15 from the many outstanding contributions in the period are included in this special Anniversary Issue of IJDT. For this task I would like to acknowledge hard work of Dr. Liz Whitley, Dr Adnan Tamime, Mr. John Sumner and particularly Mr Andrew Wilbey (Chairman of the Publications Committee) who co-ordinated the efforts.

The aspirations of the founding fathers as articulated by Dr A. T. Mattick in the editorial of first issue of Journal of the Society of Dairy Technology in 1947 remain relevant ambitions for the Society on this 70th Anniversary.

Dr. John Tuohy,

Acting Editor

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