Journal of Agrarian Change

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Edited By: Deborah Johnston, Cristóbal Kay, Jens Lerche and Carlos Oya

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Virtual Issues

Rural Labour

July 2013

The Journal of Agrarian Change has, since its inception, been concerned with rural labour relations. Not only have the varied characteristics of labour use been charted for historical and contemporary agrarian systems, the Journal has taken a strong interest in welfare outcomes for workers and in worker struggles. This virtual issue explores these themes, presenting classic and more recent articles. These articles seek to understand the political, social and material characteristics of rural labour relations, such as: class; gender; migration; ethnicity; differentiation; informality; value chains; and power. They show the continuing importance of understanding labour use, labour struggles and social reproduction.

Vietnam's Agriculture: Processes of Rich Peasant Accumulation and Mechanisms of Social Differentiation
Haroon Akram-Lodhi

Productive Restructuring and ‘Standardization’ in Mexican Horticulture: Consequences for Labour
Hubert Carton de Grammont and Sara M. Lara Flores

Continuity and Change: Some Observations on the Landscape of Agricultural Labourers in North Bihar, India
Praveen Jha

Who Needs Immigrant Farm Workers? A South African Case Study
Deborah Johnston

A Global Alliance against Forced Labour? Unfree Labour, Neo-Liberal Globalization and the International Labour Organization
Jens Lerche

How Labourers Fare in Fresh Fruit Export Industries: Lemon Production in Northern Argentina
Sutti Ortiz, Susana Aparicio

Plantation Slavery and Economic Development in the Antebellum Southern United States
Charles Post

What Was Left of the Groundnut Scheme? Development Disaster and Labour Market in Southern Tanganyika 1946–1952
Matteo Rizzo

Labour Process and Workers’ Bargaining Power in Export Grape Production, North East Brazil
Ben Selwyn

Women’s Struggle to Escape Rural Poverty in South Africa
John Sender

Agrarian Reform

Cris Kay
October 2011

The problem of unequal and exploitative agrarian systems and land tenure structures has been a major concern of the Journal of Agrarian Change since its foundation. The Journal also has a keen interest in publishing articles on the social struggles of peasants and rural workers for a just and equitable society. This virtual issue explores these social movements for land and justice, including those of women and indigenous peoples, as well as their differing and still unresolved outcomes. Hence the struggle continues in the contemporary context of neoliberal globalisation.

Land Tenure and Tenure Regimes in Mexico: An Overview
Willem Assies

Agrarian Change and Privatization of Ejido Land in Northern Mexico
Jessa Lewis

The MST and the EZLN Struggle for Land: New Forms of Peasant Rebellions
Leandro Vergara-Camus

Producing Community: The MST and Land Reform Settlements in Brazil
Wendy Wolford

The Chilean Agrarian Transformation: Agrarian Reform and Capitalist ‘Partial’ Counter-Agrarian Reform, 1964–1980. Part 1: Reformism, Socialism and Free-Market Neoliberalism
Antonio Bellisario

The Chilean Agrarian Transformation: Agrarian Reform and Capitalist ‘Partial’ Counter-Agrarian Reform, 1964–1980. Part 2: CORA, Post-1980 Outcomes and the Emerging Agrarian Class Structure
Antonio Bellisario

Women's Land Rights and Rural Social Movements in the Brazilian Agrarian Reform
Carmen Diana Deere

Gender Levees: Rethinking Women's Land Rights in Northeastern Honduras
Jennifer Casolo

From Agrarian Reform to Ethnodevelopment in the Highlands of Ecuador
Víctor Bretón Solo de Zaldívar

Questioning Market-Led Agrarian Reform: Experiences from Brazil, Colombia and South Africa
Saturnino M. Borras Jr.