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These are the 20 most-accessed articles published in BJOG in 2015 , in rank order. The data came from Wiley Online Library usage statistics of downloads by subscribers to the Journal of both PDF and HTML versions of the articles.

Effectiveness of progestogens to improve perinatal outcome in twin pregnancies: an individual participant data meta-analysis
E Schuit, S Stock, L Rode, DJ Rouse, AC Lim, JE Norman, AH Nassar, V Serra, CA Combs, C Vayssiere, MM Aboulghar, S Wood, E Çetingöz, CM Briery, EB Fonseca, K Worda, A Tabor, EA Thom, SN Caritis, J Awwad, IM Usta, A Perales, J Meseguer, K Maurel, T Garite, MA Aboulghar, YM Amin, S Ross, C Cam, A Karateke, JC Morrison, EF Magann, KH Nicolaides, NPA Zuithoff, RHH Groenwold, KGM Moons, A Kwee, BWJ Mol and a Global Obstetrics Network (GONet) collaboration
Volume 122, Issue 1, January 2015

Oxytocin should not be used to augment labour: FOR: There is too much risk for too little benefit
Philip J Steer
Volume 122, Issue 11, October 2015

Quality of care for pregnant women and newborns—the WHO vision
Ӧ Tunçalp, WM Were, C MacLennan, OT Oladapo, AM Gülmezoglu, R Bahl, B Daelmans, M Mathai, L Say, F Kristensen, M Temmerman and F Bustreo
Volume 122, Issue 8, July 2015

Factors associated with maternal death from direct pregnancy complications: a UK national case–control study
M Nair, JJ Kurinczuk, P Brocklehurst, S Sellers, G Lewis and M Knight
Volume 122, Issue 5, April 2015

Perinatal and maternal outcomes in planned home and obstetric unit births in women at ‘higher risk’ of complications: secondary analysis of the Birthplace national prospective cohort study
Y Li, J Townend, R Rowe, P Brocklehurst, M Knight, L Linsell, A Macfarlane, C McCourt, M Newburn, N Marlow, D Pasupathy, M Redshaw, J Sandall, L Silverton and J Hollowell
Volume 122, Issue 5, April 2015

Prevention of preterm delivery with vaginal progesterone in women with preterm labour (4P): randomised double-blind placebo-controlled trial
B Martinez de Tejada, A Karolinski, MC Ocampo, C Laterra, I Hösli, D Fernández, D Surbek, M Huespe, G Drack, A Bunader, S Rouillier, G López de Degani, E Seidenstein, E Prentl, J Antón, F Krähenmann, D Nowacki, M Poncelas, JC Nassif, R Papera, C Tuma, R Espoile, O Tiberio, G Breccia, A Messina, B Peker, E Schinner, BW Mol, L Kanterewicz, V Wainer, M Boulvain, V Othenin-Girard, MV Bertolino, O Irion and for the 4P trial group
Volume 122, Issue 1, January 2015

Self-hypnosis for intrapartum pain management in pregnant nulliparous women: a randomised controlled trial of clinical effectiveness
S Downe, K Finlayson, C Melvin, H Spiby, S Ali, P Diggle, G Gyte, S Hinder, V Miller, P Slade, D Trepel, A Weeks, P Whorwell and M Williamson
Volume 122, Issue 9, August 2015

The prevention and treatment of postpartum haemorrhage: what do we know, and where do we go to next?
A Weeks
Volume 122, Issue 2, January 2015

Perinatal mortality and morbidity up to 28 days after birth among 743 070 low-risk planned home and hospital births: a cohort study based on three merged national perinatal databases
A de Jonge, CC Geerts, BY van der Goes, BW Mol, SE Buitendijk and JG Nijhuis
Volume 122, Issue 5, April 2015

Vegan–vegetarian diets in pregnancy: danger or panacea? A systematic narrative review
GB Piccoli, R Clari, FN Vigotti, F Leone, R Attini, G Cabiddu, G Mauro, N Castelluccia, N Colombi, I Capizzi, A Pani, T Todros and P Avagnina
Volume 122, Issue 5, April 2015

Vulvovaginal Candida albicans infections: pathogenesis, immunity and vaccine prospects
A Cassone
Volume 122, Issue 6, May 2015

Perinatal outcomes following an earlier post-term labour induction policy: a historical cohort study
M Hedegaard, Ø Lidegaard, CW Skovlund, LS Mørch and M Hedegaard
Volume 122, Issue 10, September 2015

The effectiveness of exercise for the prevention and treatment of antenatal depression: systematic review with meta-analysis
AJ Daley, L Foster, G Long, C Palmer, O Robinson, H Walmsley and R Ward
Volume 122, Issue 1, January 2015

Poor effectiveness of antenatal detection of fetal growth restriction and consequences for obstetric management and neonatal outcomes: a French national study
I Monier, B Blondel, A Ego, M Kaminiski, F Goffinet and J Zeitlin
Volume 122, Issue 4, March 2015

Balancing the efficacy and safety of misoprostol: a meta-analysis comparing 25 versus 50 micrograms of intravaginal misoprostol for the induction of labour
K McMaster, L Sanchez-Ramos and AM Kaunitz
Volume 122, Issue 4, March 2015

Research gaps in the care of women with female genital mutilation: an analysis
J Abdulcadir, MI Rodriguez and L Say
Volume 122, Issue 3, February 2015

First- and second-trimester tests to predict stillbirth in unselected pregnant women: a systematic review and meta-analysis
A Conde-Agudelo, S Bird, SH Kennedy, J Villar and AT Papageorghiou
Volume 122, Issue 1, January 2015

The vaginal microbiome, vaginal anti-microbial defence mechanisms and the clinical challenge of reducing infection-related preterm birth
SS Witkin
Volume 122, Issue 2, January 2015

A randomised controlled trial of outpatient compared with inpatient cervical ripening with prostaglandin E2 (OPRA study)
C Wilkinson, R Bryce, P Adelson and D Turnbull
Volume 122, Issue 1, January 2015

Manual perineal support at the time of childbirth: a systematic review and meta-analysis
S Bulchandani, E Watts, A Sucharitha, D Yates and KM Ismail
Volume 122, Issue 9, August 2015