Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs

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Edited By: Sue Ralph

Online ISSN: 1471-3802

Associated Title(s): British Journal of Special Education, Support for Learning

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'JORSEN succeeds in foregrounding issues surrounding the education of disabled children with papers that have relevance for a multi-disciplinary and international audience'
Melanie Nind, Professor of Education, University of Southampton

'I consider JORSEN to be at the forefront of theory and research in the field of special educational needs. It is an exceptional publication, and is my first point of reference for reading about key developments'
Dr. Neil Humphrey, University of Manchester

'The research published in JORSEN takes excellent account of the governance, legislative and policy context relating to contemporary issues in special educational needs, inclusion and wider children's service. There are current debates around barriers and drivers to inter-agency partnerships to provide good support for children and young people with additional support needs, and so JORSEN provides timely research and thinking around these critical current challenges for teachers and other practitioners.'
Dr. Joan Forbes, Director of Research at the Centre for Children's Services Research and Policy Study


How does the capability approach address current issues in special educational needs, disability and inclusive education field?

Watch the video abstract by Brahm Norwich:

Read the full article here.

Demographic variables and fathers' involvement with their child with disabilities

Watch the video abstract by Przemysław E. Kaniok:

Read the full article here.

Today's learning objective is to have a party: playing research with students in a secondary school special needs unit

Watch the video abstract by Anat Greenstein:

Read the full article here.

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