Journal of Neurochemistry

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Edited By: Jörg Schulz

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Top Cited Papers in 2015 (published in 2013-2014)
Data from Web of Knowledge accessed 13th August 2015

Frataxin: a protein in search for a function
Annalisa Pastore and Helene Puccio

Nerve growth factor-mediated regulation of pain signalling and proposed new intervention strategies in clinical pain management
Laura McKelvey, George D. Shorten and Gerard W. O'Keeffe

Inflammation alters the expression of DMT1, FPN1 and hepcidin, and it causes iron accumulation in central nervous system cells
Pamela Urrutia, Pabla Aguirre, Andrés Esparza, Victoria Tapia, Natalia P. Mena, Miguel Arredondo, Christian González-Billault and Marco T. Núñez

Actin filaments and microtubules in dendritic spines
Tomoaki Shirao and Christian González-Billault

IL-1β and TNF-[alpha] induce neurotoxicity through glutamate production: a potential role for neuronal glutaminase
Ling Ye, Yunlong Huang, Lixia Zhao, Yuju Li, Lijun Sun, You Zhou, Guanxiang Qian and Jialin C. Zheng

Cyclooxygenase-1 inhibition reduces amyloid pathology and improves memory deficits in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease
Sang-Ho Choi, Saba Aid, Luca Caracciolo, S. Sakura Minami, Takako Niikura, Yasuji Matsuoka, R. Scott Turner, Mark P. Mattson and Francesca Bosetti

Specific subcellular changes in oxidative stress in prefrontal cortex from patients with bipolar disorder
Ana C. Andreazza, Jun-Feng Wang, Faraz Salmasi, Li Shao and Lionel T. Young

Deregulation of excitatory neurotransmission underlying synapse failure in Alzheimer's disease
Andrea C. Paula-Lima, Jordano Brito-Moreira and Sergio T. Ferreira

Myelin management by the 18.5-kDa and 21.5-kDa classic myelin basic protein isoforms
George Harauz and Joan M. Boggs

Function, therapeutic potential and cell biology of BACE proteases: current status and future prospects
Robert Vassar, Peer-Hendrik Kuhn, Christian Haass, Matthew E. Kennedy, Lawrence Rajendran, Philip C. Wong and Stefan F. Lichtenthaler