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January 2016

Read the new Special Issue "Neuroinflammation" Here

Neuroinflammation accompanies a wide range of central nervous system diseases including infection, trauma and neurodegenration. In this special issue, various aspects of neuroinflammatory processes and mechanisms are covered, eg the inflammasome, microglia and neuroprotection in head injury, experimental autoimmune encephalomyelinitis and other neurodegenerative diseases, including the relevance for clinical outcome. Furthermore, the use of recombinant adeno-associated viral (rAAV) vectors for gener tranduction in microglia is reviewed.

July 2015

Journal of Neurochemistry has introduced a new category header “Clinical Studies, Biomarkers and Imaging” to account for the large proportion of submissions in these areas, which the Journal has a long tradition in publishing. See here for an overview of the journals past celebrating its th anniversary upcoming in 2016.

June 2015

The 2014 Mark A. Smith Prize winner

Congratulations to the 2014 Mark Smith Awardee, Stefania Averaimo, PhD, for CLIC1 functional expression is required for cAMP-induced neurite elongation in post-natal mouse retinal ganglion cells (2014) J Neurochem 131(4), 444-456. Stefania Averaimo, Marta Gritti, Erica Barini, Laura Gasparini and Michele Mazzanti. DOI: 10.1111/jnc.12832

More information on the award as well previous winners.

May 2015
Join us at the ISN-APSN Biennial Meeting in Cairns!
August 23–27, 2015 | Cairns, Australia
25th Biennial Meeting ISN-APSN & 20th ANS Meeting

A list of the Satellite Meetings can be found here

Meetings 2015

September 5-8th, 2015 Vienna, Austria

April 2015

JNeurochem’s Editors ex officio Anthony Turner and Frédéric Checler will be organizing the 2nd Zing Neurodegeneration Conference to be held December 2-5, 2015 in Cancun, Mexico

The conference will focus on recent advances in neurodegenerative diseases, ranging from basic science to clinical and pharmaceutical developments, and will highlight current understanding of underlying mechanisms, new research directions, and novel therapeutic strategies. The conference will span Alzheimer’s and other dementias, prion diseases, Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders, particularly focusing on interactions and common mechanisms among neurodegenerative diseases.

Participation of younger scientists is particularly encouraged and there will be ample opportunity for informal discussions to develop new collaborations in the attractive environment of Cancun.

Among the numerous outstanding plenary speakers is Laurie Glimcher from Weill Cornell Medical College, 2014 winner of the L’Oréal- Unesco For Women in Science Awards. See:

Further plenary speakers are Bart De Strooper, Ralph A. Nixon, Rudolph Tanzi and Ted Dawson

October 2014
The 2014 Nobel Prize Chemistry

The 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been jointly awarded to Stefan W. Hell for his development of a super-resolution imaging technique, STED (stimulated emission depletion). The technique opens up new possibilities in imaging nanostructures, and has been featured in a recent Review article in Journal of Neurochemistry, entitled STED microscopy of living cells – new frontiers in membrane and neurobiology by Christian Eggeling, Kathrin I. Willig and Francisco J. Barrantes.

July 2014
The 2013 Mark A. Smith Prize winner

Congratulations to Takao Hikita, PhD, for Rac1-mediated indentation of resting neurons promotes the chain migration of new neurons in the rostral migratory stream of post-natal mouse brain J Neurochem 128(6), 790-797. Takao Hikita, Akihisa Ohno, Masato Sawada, Haruko Ota and Kazunobu Sawamoto. DOI: 10.1111/jnc.12518

More information on the Award as well as previous winners.

May 2014
A new Virtual Issue on Neuroinflammationhas been published! Under non-diseased conditions, central nervous system (CNS)homeostasis is maintained by an intricate crosstalk between glia and neurons. However, in response to CNS infection or injury, glial cells become activated and contribute to ensuing inflammatory processes, in either a beneficial or detrimental manner, depending on the nature, intensity, and duration of the insult. This Virtual Issue brings together selected prior publications in the Journal of Neurochemistry that highlight the diverse insults and outcomes of neuroinflammatory responses in the CNS, serving to provide insights into the important role that neuroinflammation plays across a diverse set of CNS diseases/disorders.

December 2013
From January 2014 on, Journal of Neurochemistry will be published Online Only.

November 2013
Read the latest Reviews:
- The Special Issue on Friedreich Ataxia (FRDA) on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the first description by Nikolaus Friedreich
- Topical reviews highlighting various model systems of Parkinson’s Disease, featuring yeast, zebrafish, highlighted in an Editorial and drosophila fly
- The Virtual Issue on Molecular Imaging

October 2013
Read the latest Newsletter of the International Society for Neurochemistry (ISN)

July 2013
ISN-Wiley-Blackwell-JNC-International Lectureships
The International Society for Neurochemistry (ISN), its Journal of Neurochemistry (JNC), and its publishers Wiley Blackwell support a Plenary Lecture at the annual meetings of societies in countries where the science is developing from a low base. The intent is to promote neurochemistry in those countries. Read more about the concept and application guidelines here.

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March 2013
The 2012 Mark A. Smith Prize winner

Congratulations to Sonya B. Dumanis, PhD, for APOE genotype affects the pre-synaptic compartment of glutamatergic nerve terminals J Neurochem 124(1), 4-14. Sonya B. Dumanis, Amanda M. DiBattista, Matthew Miessau, Charbel E. H. Moussa and G. William Rebeck. DOI: 10.1111/j.1471-4159.2012.07908.x

More information on the Award as well as previous winners.

March 2012

The 2011 Mark A. Smith Prize was awarded to Joanne L. Bailey, PhD, for In vitro CNS tissue analogues formed by self-organization of reaggregated post-natal brain tissue, J. Neurochem. 117, 1020-1032. Joanne L. Bailey, Vincent O’Connor, Matthew Hannah, Lindsay Hewlett, Thelma E. Biggs, Lars E. Sundstrom, Matt W. Findlay, and John E. Chad (2011).

July 2011
Monthly double print issues

Since July 2011, Volume 118, Journal of Neurochemistry is published in monthly double print issues. The journal continues to publish issues fortnightly online and EarlyView articles ahead of the online issue compilation, but the new double print issues are dispatched once per month.

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In order to help authors comply with the NIH mandate, for papers accepted for publication in Journal of Neurochemistry after this date Wiley-Blackwell will post the accepted manuscript (incorporating all amendments made during peer review, but prior to the publisher’s copy-editing and typesetting) of articles by NIH grant-holders to PubMed Central at the point of acceptance by the journal. This version will then be made publicly available in PubMed Central 12 months after publication. Following the deposit Wiley-Blackwell authors will receive further communications from the NIH with respect to the submission. For further information, see here.

If authors wish to make their final published article openly accessible and without a 12 month embargo, they can choose to publish via the Online Open service.

Wellcome and HHMI grantees can find out further information here.

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