Diversity and Distributions

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Edited By: David M. Richardson

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Associated Title(s): Global Ecology and Biogeography, Journal of Biogeography

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The geography of climate change: implications for conservation biogeography (D. D. Ackerly, S. R. Loarie, W. K. Cornwell, S. B. Weiss, H. Hamilton, R. Branciforte and N. J. B. Kraft)

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Not as good as they seem: the importance of concepts in species distribution modelling (Alberto Jiménez-Valverde, Jorge M. Lobo and Joaquín Hortal)

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Invasive alien predator causes rapid declines of native European ladybirds ( Helen E. Roy et al.)

Benefits of hyperspectral remote sensing for tracking plant invasions (Kate S. He, Duccio Rocchini, Markus Neteler, Harini Nagendra)

Conservation Biogeography: assessment and prospect (Robert J. Whittaker, Miguel B. Araújo, Paul Jepson, Richard J. Ladle, James E. M. Watson and Katherine J. Willis)