Diversity and Distributions

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SDM Virtual Issue

Diversity and Distributions Virtual Issue - Species Distribution ModelsSpecies Distribution Models in Conservation Biogeography: Developments and Challenges

This Virtual Issue of Diversity and Distributions has been compiled to highlight key papers published in the Journal on the topic of species distribution modeling (SDM), sometimes called environmental or bioclimatic niche modelling. Diversity and Distributions has been publishing a growing number of papers that use SDM to address problems in conservation biogeography ranging from forecasting risk of future biological invasions, pathogen spread and climate change impacts, to spatial conservation planning and historical biogeography.

Papers selected for the virtual issue include contributions that address both pressing methodological issues and provide key examples of the use of SDM for conservation biogeography. The papers are grouped under the following three themes: a) those papers that address vexing conceptual and methodological issues in SDM ranging from variability among modelling methods to sample size and sample design, b) those that use SDM in innovative and rigorous ways to ‘interpolate’ species distributions in space, e.g., for biodiversity inventory, prospecting and conservation planning, and c) those that combine SDM with other data and methods to ‘extrapolate’ species distributions to different places or time periods in order to forecast impacts of environmental change on species distributions or risk of biological invasions.

Janet Franklin, Guest Editor


Species distribution models in conservation biogeography: developments and challenges
J. Franklin

Methodological Issues

Predicting species distributions from museum and herbarium records using multiresponse models fitted with multivariate adaptive regression splines
J. Elith and J. Leathwick

Non-stationarity and local approaches to modelling the distribution of wildlife
P. E. Osborne, G. M. Foody and S. Suarez-Seoane

Sensitivity of predictive species distribution models to change in grain size
A. Guisan et al.

A comparative evaluation of presence-only methods for modelling species distribution
A. Tsoar et al.

Effects of sample size on the performance of species distribution models
M. S. Wisz et al.

Not as good as they seem: the importance of concepts in species distribution modeling
A. Jiménez-Valverde, J.M. Lobo and J. Hortal

Evaluation of consensus methods in predictive species distribution modelling
M. Marmion et al.

Moving beyond static species distribution models in support of conservation biogeography
J. Franklin

A statistical explanation of MaxEnt for ecologists
J. Elith et al.

Interpolating Species Distributions in Space using SDM

Distribution models for the amphibian chytrid Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Costa Rica: proposing climatic refuges as a conservation tool
R. Puschendorf et al.

Using species distribution models to predict new occurrences for rare plants
J. N. Williams et al.

Can distribution models help refine inventory-based estimates of conservation priority? A case study in the Eastern Arc forests of Tanzania and Kenya
P. J. Platts et al.

Predicting spatial patterns of plant species richness: a comparison of direct macroecological and species stacking modelling approaches
A. Dubuis et al.

Extrapolating Species Distributions Across Space or Time

The biogeography of invasive alien plants in California: an application of GIS and spatial regression analysis
S. J. Dark

Using niche-based modelling to assess the impact of climate change on tree functional diversity in Europe
W. Thuiller et al.

Different climatic envelopes among invasive populations may lead to underestimations of current and future biological invasions
L. J. Beaumont et al.

Equilibrium or not? Modelling potential distribution of invasive species in different stages of invasion
T. Vaclavik and R. K. Meentemeyer

How biotic interactions may alter future predictions of species distributions: future threats to the persistence of the arctic fox in Fennoscandia
A. R. Hof, R. Jansson and C. Nilsson

Recent decline in suitable environmental conditions for African great apes
J. Junker et al.

Uncertainties in coupled species distribution-metapopulation dynamics models for risk assessments under climate change
I. R. Naujokaitis-Lewis et al.