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H. A. Sodano, G. Park, D. J. Inman Estimation of Electric Charge Output for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting

F. Hild, S. Roux Digital Image Correlation: from Displacement Measurement to Identification of Elastic Properties – a Review

D. Notta-Cuvier, B. Langrand, E. Markiewicz, F. Lauro, G. Portemont Identification of Johnson–Cook's Viscoplastic Model Parameters Using the Virtual Fields Method: Application to Titanium Alloy Ti6Al4V

H. Cifuentes, M. Alcalde, F. Medina Measuring the Size-Independent Fracture Energy of Concrete

M. Grédiac, E. Toussaint Studying the Mechanical Behaviour of Asphalt Mixture with the Grid Method

Z. W. Liu, J. F. Zhou, C. L. Wu, H. M. Xie GPA Combined with the Hole-Drilling Method Applied for Curved Surface Strain Measurement

Y. Chen, D. Lochegnies, R. Defontaine, J. Anton, H. Aben, R. Langlais Measuring the 2D Residual Surface Stress Mapping in Tempered Glass under the Cooling Jets: the Influence of Process Parameters on the Stress Homogeneity and Isotropy

P. A. L. S. Martins, R. M. Natal Jorge, A. J. M. Ferreira A Comparative Study of Several Material Models for Prediction of Hyperelastic Properties: Application to Silicone-Rubber and Soft Tissues

N. A. Sakharova, P. A. Prates, M. C. Oliveira, J. V. Fernandes, J. M. Antunes A Simple Method for Estimation of Residual Stresses by Depth-Sensing Indentation

C. Serra, A. L. Batista, A. Tavares de Castro Creep of Dam Concrete Evaluated from Laboratory and In Situ Tests