Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics

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Edited By: David Elliott

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Online ISSN: 1475-1313

Virtual Issue: In-practice (in-office) optometric research

Edited by Bruce Evans

It is important that the work of the community optometrist is evidence-based and this virtual issue seeks to explore the role that community optometrists can play in gathering this evidence. This issue contains a collection of recent papers involving in-practice (in-office) research, mostly by community optometrists.

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Measuring clinical practice
Shah R, Edgar D & Evans BJ. (2007)

Patterns of refractive change in myopic subjects during the incipient phase of presbyopia:a preliminary study
Pointer JS & Gilmartin B. (2011)

Spectacle prescription change encountered with an optimization of visual acuity
Pointer JS. (2010)

Habitual vs optimal distance visual acuity
Pointer JS. (2008)

Poor recognition of the UK minimum driving vision standard by motorists attending optometric practice
Pointer JS. (2007)

Congenital hypertrophy of the retinal pigment epithelium: prevalence and ocular features in the optometric population
Coleman P & Barnard NA. (2007)

The comparative clinical performance of a new polyhexamethylene biguanide- vs a polyquad-based contact lens care regime with two silicone hydrogel contact lenses
Santodomingo-Rubido J. (2007)

Limbal and bulbar hyperaemia in normal eyes
Pult H, Murphy PJ, Purslow C, Nyman J & Woods RL. (2008)

The Near Mallett Unit Foveal Suppression Test: a cross-sectional study to establish test norms and relationship with other optometric tests
Tang STW & Evans BJW. (2007)

Investigation of the causes of non-tolerance to optometric prescriptions for spectacles
Freeman C & Evans BJW. (2010)

The Pattern Glare Test: a review and determination of normative values
Evans BJW & Stevenson SJ. (2008)

The Mallett Fixation Disparity Test:influence of test instructions & relationship with symptoms
Karania R & Evans BJ. (2006)

Influence of target type and RAF rule on the measurement of near point of convergence
Adler PM, Cregg M, Viollier AJ & Margaret Woodhouse J. (2007)

Technical Note: a comparison of a novel direct ophthalmoscope, the OptyseTM,to conventional direct ophthalmoscopes
Harle DE, Davies K, Shah R et al. (2007)

Comparison of the effectiveness of two enhanced glaucoma referral schemes
Parkins DJ & Edgar DF. (2011)

Reproducibility of sphero-cylindrical prescriptions

MacKenzie GE. (2008)

A comparison of standardised patients, record abstraction and clinical Vignettes
Shah R, Edgar DF & Evans BJW. (2010)

The content of optometric eye examinations for a presbyopic patient presenting with flashing lights
Shah R, Edgar DF, Harle DE et al. (2009)

How well does record abstraction quantify the content of an optometric eye examination in the UK?
Shah R, Edgar DF & Evans BJW. (2009)

The content of optometric eye examinations for a young myope with headaches
Shah R, Edgar DF, Rabbetts R et al. (2008)

The effectiveness of questionnaires in the determination of Contact Lens Induced Dry Eye
Michel M, Sickenberger W & Pult H. (2009)

Error classification in community optometric practice – a pilot project
Steele CF, Rubin G & Fraser S. (2006)

Attitudes of community optometrists to smoking cessation: an untapped opportunity overlooked?
Thompson C, Harrison RA, Wilkinson SC, Scott-Samuel A, Hemmerdinger C & Kelly SP. (2007)

Screening for diabetes in optometry practices: acceptability to users
Howse JH, Jones S & Hungin AP. (2011)

A survey of the availability of state funded primary eyecare in the UK
Shah R, Edgar DF & Evans BJW. (2007)

Provision of NHS-funded spectacles in South London
Jessa Z, Evans BJW, Thomson WD & Rowlands G. (2009)

What adjustments, if any, do UK optometrists make to the subjective refraction result prior to prescribing?
Howell-Duffy C, Umar G, Ruparelia N & Elliott DB. (2010)

Spectacle prescribing II: practitioner experience is linked to the likelihood of suggesting a partial prescription
Howell-Duffy C, Scally AJ & Elliott DB. (2011)

Barriers perceived by UK-based community optometrists to the detection of primary open angle glaucoma
Myint J, Edgar DF, Kotecha A, Murdoch IE & Lawrenson JG. (2010)

A national survey of diagnostic tests reported by UK community optometrists for the detection of chronic open angle glaucoma
Myint J, Edgar DF, Kotecha A, Murdoch IE & Lawrenson JG. (2011)

A survey of the scope of therapeutic practice by UK optometrists and their attitudes to an extended prescribing role
Needle JJ, Petchey R & Lawrenson JG.(2008)

A survey of UK practitioner attitudes to the fitting of rigid gas permeable lenses
Gill FR, Murphy PJ & Purslow C. (2010)

Validation of an online referral guide for melanocytic fundus lesions
Hemmerdinger C, Beech M, Groenewald C & Damato B.(2011)