Soil Use and Management

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Key Papers in Soil Use and Management

For readers of Soil Use and Management, there is convenience in having an easily accessible collection of already published papers in the form of a virtual special issue. This has already been done for the topic ‘Soils and Nitrous Oxide Research’ and the hope is that such a collation is of particular help to students. This second virtual special issue has a different objective – to present a range of key papers published in the last 10 years. There is an obvious major challenge in selecting 26 papers considered to be the key ones out of a total of c. 450! The adopted and unbiased method was to choose the top papers in terms of citations and electronic downloads. This has proved to be an interesting exercise since it has revealed the following current major themes in applied soil science: nitrate loss to water, phosphorus loss to water, carbon emissions and sequestration, nitrous oxide emissions, soil and organic farming, soil management and microbial biomass and soil degradation. These headings have been used to organise the papers in this virtual issue. It is interesting to reflect on the extent to which the papers published during 1985-95 in Soil Use and Management accord with current themes. Yes, there is much overlap though in the first 10 years there were relatively more papers on soil survey and land evaluation, soil erosion, soil acidification and soil drainage. Today many papers in the journal continue to focus on the nature, implications and management of soil processes, often with soil organic matter as the central concern.

Donald A. Davidson – Editor: Soil Use and Management

Nitrate loss to water

Volume 16 Issue supplement S1 MAGPIE: a modelling framework for evaluating nitrate losses at national and catchment scales. EI Lord, S.G. Anthony

Volume 16 Issue 4 Nitrate leaching from the Broadbalk Wheat Experiment, Rothamsted, UK as influenced by fertilizer and manure inputs and the weather. KWT Goulding et al.

Volume 16 Issue Supplement S1 Nitrate leaching from arable and horticultural land. K Goulding

Phosphorus loss to water

Volume 19 Issue 1 The Phosphorus Indicators Tool: a simple model of diffuse P loss from agricultural land to water. AL Heathwaite et al.

Volume 26 Issue 2 Soil tillage methods to control phosphorus loss and potential side-effects: a Scandinavian review. B Ulen et al.

Volume 17 Issue 3 Phosphorus cycling in UK agriculture and implications for phosphorus loss from soil. PJA Withers et al.

Volume 23 Issue Supplement S1 Agriculture, phosphorus and eutrophication: a European perspective. PJA Withers et al.

Carbon emissions and sequestration

Volume 20 Issue 2 Soils as carbon sinks: the global context. P Smith

Volume 13 Issue 4 Agricultural soils as a sink to mitigate CO2 emissions. K Paustian et al.

Volume 20 Issue 2 Carbon cycling and sequestration opportunities in temperate grasslands. JF Soussana et al.

Volume 22 Issue 2 Carbon sequestration in temperate grassland: management and climatic controls. SK Jones et al.

Volume 24 Issue 1 The influence of afforestation and tree species on soil methane fluxes from shallow organic soils at the UK Gisburn Forest Experiment. NP McNamara et al.

Volume 24 Issue 1 Methods for estimating types of soil organic carbon and their application to surveys of UK urban soils. BG Rawlins et al.

Nitrous oxide emissions

Volume 23 Issue 1 Comparison of the effectiveness of a nitrification inhibitor, dicyandiamide, in reducing nitrous oxide emissions in four different soils under different climatic and management conditions, HJ Di et al.

Volume 18 Issue 4 The use of a nitrification inhibitor, dicyandiamide (DCD), to decrease nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide emissions in a grazed and irrigated grassland, HJ Di et al.

Volume 16 Issue 2 Nitrous oxide emission from soils after incorporating crop residues. EM Baggs et al.

Soil and organic farming

Volume 18 Issue Supplement S1 A review of farm-scale nutrient budgets for organic farms as a tool for management of soil fertility. CA Watson et al.

Volume 18 Issue Supplement S1 Managing soil fertility in organic systems. C A Watson et al.

Volume 23 Issue 2 Is conservation tillage suitable for organic farming? A review. J Peigne et al.

Volume 18 Issue Supplement S1 Is the productivity of organic farms restricted by the supply of available nitrogen? PM Berry et al.

Volume 23 Issue 1 Leaching and crop uptake of N, P and K from organic and conventional cropping systems on a clay soil. H Aronsson et al.

Volume 22 Issue 1 Root growth and nitrogen uptake of carrot, early cabbage, onion and lettuce following a range of green manures. K Thorup-Kristensen

Soil management and microbial biomass

Volume 22 Issue 2 Long-term effects of compost amendment of soils on functional and structural diversity and microbial activity. M Ros et al.

Volume 25 Issue 1 Effects of four tillage systems on soil structure and soil microbial biomass in organic farming. JF Vian et al.

Soil degradation

Volume 22 Issue 2 Soil compaction: identification directly in the field. T Batey et al.

Volume 24 Issue 3 Proxy global assessment of land degradation. ZG Bai et al.

Volume 23 Issue 1 Assessing the potential of changing land use for reducing soil erosion and sediment yield of catchments: a case study in the highlands of northern Ethiopia, L Tamene et al.