Child and Adolescent Mental Health

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Edited by: Jane Barlow, Kapil Sayal, Leslie Leve, Paul Harnett and Bernadka Dubicka

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Early Recognition and Assessment

Welcome to this virtual edition of Child and Adolescent Mental Health. The last few years has seen an important and growing weight given to early recognition, assessment and intervention. This has been supported by a growing understanding of foetal, infant and early childhood development and the factors that influence developmental trajectories. Child and family policy in the UK and internationally has come to emphasise the clinical, social and economic benefits of early recognition and intervention. At the same time, child and adolescent mental health practitioners have become increasingly involved in infant mental health and the early years.

To reflect this, we have selected a range of papers from the past three volumes that examine these developments in relation to research and practice". Continue reading the Editorial by Crispin Day

Editorial – Early Recognition and Assessment
Crispin Day

Health-Led Interventions in the Early Years to Enhance Infant and Maternal Mental Health
Jane Barlow, Anita Schrader McMillan, Sue Kirkpatrick, Deborah Ghate, Jacqueline Barnes and Marjorie Smith

Attachment Measures for Research and Practice
Thomas G. O'Connor and J. Gerard Byrne

Parental report of infant language skills: a review of the development and application of the Communicative Development Inventories
James Law and Penny Roy

Can Mothers Predict Childhood Behavioural Inhibition in Early Infancy?
Melanie Marysko, Patricia Finke, Angelika Wiebel, Franz Resch and Eva Moehler

Mothers' Recollections of Early Features of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Roy McConkey, Maria Truesdale-Kennedy and Arlene Cassidy

Diet and Mental Health in Children
Diane Tomlinson, Heather Wilkinson and Paul Wilkinson

Children at Familial Risk of Dyslexia: Practical Implications from an At-Risk Study
Valerie Muter and Margaret J. Snowling

Treatment Outcomes for Toddlers with Behaviour Problems for Families in Poverty
Robert A. Fox and Casey A. Holtz

Monitoring Change in Families Receiving Primary Mental Health Specialist Services
Jon Pollock and Sue Horrocks

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: An Overview of Interventions for Affected Individuals
Amali N. Chandrasena, Raja A. S. Mukherjee and Jeremy Turk

Screening Efficiency of the Child Behavior Checklist and Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire: A Systematic Review
Erin M. Warnick, Michael B. Bracken and Stanislav Kasl

Evaluation of Screening in Children Referred for an ADHD Assessment
Kapil Sayal, Nicole Letch and Samaa El Abd

Assessment Measures for Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders: A Review
Nadia Micali and Jennifer House

Adolescent Satisfaction with Computer-Assisted Behavioural Risk Screening in Primary Care
Deena J. Chisolm, William Gardner, Teresa Julian and Kelly J. Kelleher