International Transactions in Operational Research

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Edited By: Celso Ribeiro (General Editor), Simone Martins (Assistant Editor), Moshe Sniedovich (Asia Pacific Editor), Theodor J. Stewart (African Editor)

Impact Factor: 1.255

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2015: 39/82 (Operations Research & Management Science); 99/192 (Management)

Online ISSN: 1475-3995

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FREE: A review on cost allocation methods in collaborative transportation
Volume 23, Issue 3
Mario Guajardo and Mikael Rönnqvist

FREE: The inventory routing problem: the value of integration
Volume 23, Issue 3
Claudia Archetti and M. Grazia Speranza

FREE: Two-stage two-dimensional guillotine cutting stock problems with usable leftover
Volume 23, Issue 1-2
R. Andrade, E.G. Birgin and R. Morabito

FREE: Metaheuristics—the metaphor exposed
Volume 22, Issue 1
Kenneth Sörensen

FREE: MIP-and-refine matheuristic for smart grid energy management
Volume 22, Issue 1
Matteo Fischetti, Giorgio Sartor and Arrigo Zanette

FREE: Toward unification of exact and heuristic optimization methods
Volume 22, Issue 1
J. N. Hooker

FREE: Measuring the technical efficiency of football legends: who were Real Madrid's all-time most efficient players?
Volume 21, Issue 3
Daniel Santín

FREE: Formulations for an inventory routing problem
Volume 21, Issue 3
Claudia Archetti, Nicola Bianchessi, Stefan Irnich and M. Grazia Speranza

FREE: The locomotive assignment problem: a survey on optimization models
Volume 21, Issue 3
F. Piu and M. G. Speranza

FREE: Searching for optimal integer solutions to set partitioning problems using column generation
Volume 21, Issue 2
D. Bredström, K. Jörnsten, M. Rönnqvist, M. Bouchard

FREE: An implementation framework for seru production
Volume 21, Issue 1
ChenGuang Liu, Kathryn E. Stecke, Jie Lian and Yong Yin

FREE: Randomized heuristics for the family traveling salesperson problem
Volume 21, Issue 1
L.F. Morán-Mirabal, J.L. González-Velarde and M.G.C. Resende

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Special Issues

Special Issues

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Applied Combinatorial Optimization
Volume 24, Issue 1-2
Edited by Héctor Cancela, Simone Martins, Antonio Mauttone, and María E. Urquhart

FREE: Many Faces of Distances
Volume 23, Issue 5
Edited by Carlile Lavor, Marcelo Firer, José Mario Martínez, and Leo Liberti

FREE: Cutting and Packing
Volume 23, Issue 1-2
Edited by A. Miguel Gomes, José Fernando Gonçalves, Ramón Alvarez-Valdés, and J. Valério de Carvalho

FREE: Operational Research in Practice
Volume 22, Issue 3
Edited by Celso C. Ribeiro

FREE: Decision Support Systems
Volume 22, Issue 2
Editioned by João Carlos Soares de Mello, and João Carlos Namorado Clímaco

FREE: Matheuristics: Model-Based Metaheuristics
Volume 22, Issue 1
Edited by Celso Ribeiro and Vittorio Maniezzo

FREE: Contributions to Applied Combinatorial Optimization
Volume 20, Issue 5
Edited by Ana Viana, A. Miguel Gomes, and Teresa Costa

FREE: Supply Chain Management and Collaborative Logistics
Volume 19, Issue 5
Edited by Mikael Rönnqvist, Fernando Bernstein, Rene Caldentey and Sophie D'Amours

FREE: Recent Developments in Multiple Objective Programming and Goal Programming
Volume 19, Issue 4
Edited by Taicir Loukil and João Clímaco

FREE: Tutorials in Operations Research
Volume 19, Issue 1-2
Edited by Celso C. Ribeiro, and Irene Loiseau

FREE: Applied Combinatorial Optimization
Volume 17, Issue 6
Edited by Paula Zabala, and Sabel Mendez-Diaz

FREE: Ethics and OR
Volume 17, Issue 4
Edited by Jean-Pierre Brans, Joao Climaco, Giorgio Gallo, and Fred Wenstop

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