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Edited By: Mark Pollard, Ina Reiche, James Burton, Gilberto Artioli and Cathy Batt

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Analyses of Mercury in the Remains of Tycho Brahe

In 2010, the body of world-renowned Renaissance astronomer, Tycho Brahe, was exhumed. The cause of death remained a source of lively debate, and a popular theory was murder by mercury poisoning. A Danish-Czech team of researchers has been working to elucidate the cause of Tycho Brahe's death from samples of his bones, hair, teeth, and textiles.

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Was He Murdered Or Was He Not?—Part I: Analyses of Mercury in the Remains of Tycho Brahe
K. L. Rasmussen, J. Kučera, L. Skytte, J. Kameník, V. Havránek, J. Smolík, P. Velemínský, N. Lynnerup, J. Bruzek, and J. Vellev

A team of film-makers from the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) followed the entire project closely, from Jens Vellev's fight to win permission for the exhumation from the authorities in Prague to the analysis of Tycho Brahe's remains and the publication of research results. The documentary Mysteriet om Tycho Brahes død (The Mysterious Death of Tycho Brahe) was released in 2012.

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50 Years of the International Symposium on Archaeometry

50 Years of the ISA: Special Virtual Issue

Archaeometry is pleased to present a Special Virtual Issue to mark the 50th Anniversary of the International Symposium on Archaeometry, comprising 25 past papers from the journal on the themes of the ISA 2012 sessions, and including an original Editorial by A.M. Pollard.

Radiocarbon Dates from the Oxford AMS System
Unique to Archaeometry, this resource is the thirty-third list of AMS radiocarbon dates measured at the Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit (ORAU) includes the latest series of determinations from the key sites of Çatalhöyük, Abu Hureyra and Khirbet Qeiyafa, as well as others dating to the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and later periods. In addition, new dates are reported that replace previous determinations affected by the ultrafilter problems that occurred previously in the ORAU.

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Rethinking Silk's Origins - Archaeometry featured in Nature
The article New Evidence for Early Silk in the Indus Civilization by L. Good, J.M. Kenoyer and R.H. Meadow has been featured in the article 'Rethinking Silk's Origins' in Nature by Philip Ball.
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Lascaux caves study in Archaeometry
The painted caves of Lascaux in the Dordogne region of France are one of the most famed monuments of Ice Age art.
Writing in the journal Archaeometry, Celine Chadefaux and her colleagues investigate the compositions of bone, ivory and antler in paint used on the Lascaux cave walls.

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