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Edited By: Andrew Smith, Natural History Museum, London, UK

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Online ISSN: 1475-4983

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These are the 10 most accessed articles in 2015 published in Palaeontology. The data comes from Wiley Online Library usage statistics of downloads of both PDF and HTML versions of the articles.

Pelagic neonatal fossils support viviparity and precocial life history of Cretaceous mosasaurs
Daniel J. Field, Aaron LeBlanc, Adrienne Gau and Adam D. Behlke
2015, Vol. 58, Issue 3

The early evolution of ray-finned fishes
Matt Friedman
2015, Vol. 58, Issue 2

Early evolution of the Eukaryota
Nicholas J. Butterfield
2015, Vol. 58, Issue 1

Origins and early evolution of arthropods
Gregory D. Edgecombe and David A. Legg
2014, Vol. 57, Issue 3

The origins of molluscs
Jakob Vinther
2015, Vol. 58, Issue 1

The fossil record of ichthyosaurs, completeness metrics and sampling biases
Terri J. Cleary, Benjamin C. Moon, Alexander M. Dunhill and Michael J. Benton
2015, Vol. 58, Issue 3

Cyanobacteria and the Great Oxidation Event: evidence from genes and fossils
Bettina E. Schirrmeister, Muriel Gugger and Philip C. Donoghue
2015, Vol. 58, Issue 5

Palaeodiversity and formation counts: redundancy or bias?
Michael J. Benton
2015, Vol. 58, Issue 6

The macro- and microfossil record of the Cambrian priapulid Ottoia
Martin R. Smith, Thomas H. P. Harvey and Nicholas J. Butterfield
2015, Vol. 58, Issue 4

The oldest mammals from Antarctica, early Eocene of the La Meseta Formation, Seymour Island
Javier N. Gelfo, Thomas Mörs, Malena Lorente, Guillermo M. López and Marcelo Reguero
2015, Vol. 58, Issue 1