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Edited By: Andrew Smith, Natural History Museum, London, UK

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ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2015: 6/54 (Paleontology)

Online ISSN: 1475-4983

Associated Title(s): Papers in Palaeontology

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The plumage and colouration of an enantiornithine bird from the early cretaceous of China
Jennifer A. Peteya, Julia A. Clarke, Quanguo Li,
2017, Vol. 60, Issue 1

Endothermic mosasaurs? Possible thermoregulation of Late Cretaceous mosasaurs (Reptilia, Squamata) indicated by stable oxygen isotopes in fossil bioapatite in comparison with coeval marine fish and pelagic seabirds
T. Lynn Harrell Jr, Alberto Pérez-Huerta and Celina A. Suarez
2016, Vol. 59, Issue 3

Buoyancy mechanisms limit preservation of coleoid cephalopod soft tissues in Mesozoic Lagerstätten
Thomas Clements, Caitlin Colleary, Kenneth De Baets and Jakob Vinther
2017, Vol. 60, Issue 1

Comparative cranial myology and biomechanics of Plateosaurus and Camarasaurus and evolution of the sauropod feeding apparatus
David J. Button, Paul M. Barrett and Emily J. Rayfield
2016, Vol. 59, Issue 6

Cyanobacteria and the Great Oxidation Event: evidence from genes and fossils
Bettina E. Schirrmeister, Muriel Gugger and Philip C. Donoghue
2015, Vol. 58, Issue 5

Origins and early evolution of arthropods
Gregory D. Edgecombe and David A. Legg
2014, Vol. 57, Issue 3

Autecology and the Filling of Ecospace: Key Metazoan Radiations
Richard K. Bambach, Andrew M. Bush and Douglas H. Erwin
2007, Vol. 50, Issue 1

Proteroctopus ribeti in coleoid evolution
Isabelle Kruta, Isabelle Rouget, Sylvain Charbonnier, et al.
2016, Vol. 59, Issue 6

Early evolution of the Eukaryota
Nicholas J. Butterfield
2015, Vol. 58, Issue 1

The role of experiments in investigating the taphonomy of exceptional preservation
Derek E. G. Briggs and Sean McMahon
2016, Vol. 59, Issue 1