Review of Income and Wealth

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Edited By: Conchita D'Ambrosio and Robert J. Hill

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Intangible capital and U.S. economic growth
Carol Corrado, Charles Hulten, Daniel Sichel

The growth of family earnings inequality in Canada, 1980–2005
Yuqian Lu, René Morissette, Tammy Schirle

The informal economy in developing countries: an introduction
Derek Blades, Francisco H. G. Ferreira, Maria Ana Lugo

The urban–rural income gap and inequality in China
Terry Sicular, Yue Ximing, Björn Gustafsson, Li Shi

Life satisfaction and income inequality
Paolo Verme

Intangible investment in Japan: measurement and contribution to economic growth
Kyoji Fukao, Tsutomu Miyagawa, Kentaro Mukai, Yukio Shinoda, Konomi Tonogi

Socioeconomic status measurement with discrete proxy variables: is principal component analysis a reliable answer?
Stanislav Kolenikov, Gustavo Angeles

Income poverty and multidimensional deprivation: lessons from cross-regional analysis
Luis Ayala, Antonio Jurado, Jesús Pérez-Mayo

Measuring the unorganized sector in India
A. C. Kulshreshtha

Exploring Alternative Measures of Welfare in the Absence of Expenditure Data
David E. Sahn, David Stifel

Earnings structures, informal employment, and self-employment: new evidence from Brazil, Mexico, and South Africa
Olivier Bargain, Prudence Kwenda

Upward structural mobility, exchange mobility, and subgroup consistent mobility measurement: U.S.–German mobility rankings revisited
Christian Schluter, Dirk Van De Gaer

Estimating spatial consumer price indices through Engel curve analysis
Dipankor Coondoo, Amita Majumder, Somnath Chattopadhyay

Measuring poverty and deprivation in South Africa
Stephen Klasen

Industrial and aggregate measures of productivity growth in China, 1982–2000
Jing Cao, Mun S. Ho, Dale W. Jorgenson, Ruoen Ren, Linlin Sun, Ximing Yue

What happened to the knowledge economy? ICT, intangible investment, and Britain’s productivity record revisited
Mauro Giorgio Marrano, Jonathan Haskel, Gavin Wallis

Omitted variables in the measurement of a labor quality index: the case of Spain
Aitor Lacuesta, Sergio Puente, Pilar Cuadrado

Stratification and between-group inequality: a new interpretation
Maria Monti, Alessandro Santoro

The informal sector: an equilibrium model and some empirical evidence from Brazil
Áureo De Paula, José A. Scheinkman

Measuring growth, productivity, income distribution and poverty in transition economies: progress, challenges and prospects
Peter Saunders, Harry X. Wu

Inequality and the measurement of residential segregation by income in American neighborhoods
Tara Watson

Poor and sick: estimating the relationship between household income and health
Athina Economou, Ioannis Theodossiou

Barriers to entry and returns to capital in informal activities: evidence from sub-saharan Africa
Michael Grimm, Jens Krüger, Jann Lay

Understanding regional poverty and inequality trends in china: methodological issues and empirical findings
Guanghua Wan

International TFP dynamics and human capital stocks: a panel data analysis, 1960–2003
Adriana Di Liberto, Francesco Pigliaru, Piergiorgio Chelucci

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