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Edited By: Conchita D'Ambrosio and Robert J. Hill

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2012 Virtual Issue
On the occasion of the 32nd International Association for Research in Income and Wealth (I.A.R.I.W.) General Conference (Boston, USA, 5-11 August 2012), we have decided to publish a virtual issue of the Review of Income and Wealth consisting of the three most downloaded papers in 2011 via Wiley Online Library and the three most cited papers from ISI Thomson. The downloads list provides a better indication of the current topics that are attracting interest in the academic community. These range from the measurement of intangible capital (Corrado, Hulten, Sichel), and of the informal economy in developing countries (Blades, Ferreira, Lugo) to the growth of earnings inequality in Canada (Lu, Morissette, Schirle). The citations list provides an indication of which papers have had the most lasting impact. These focus on the measurement of inequality and poverty (Buhmann, Rainwater, Schmaus, Smeeding), international comparisons of output and price levels (Summers, Heston) and alternative measures of welfare (Sahn, Stifel).

We also want to commence the official celebration of the Kendrick Prize winners: Olympia Bover for the paper ‘Wealth Inequality and Household Structure: U.S. vs. Spain', published in 2010, pp. 259-290, and Robert E. Lipsey for the paper ‘Measuring the Location of Production in a world of Intangible productive Assets, FDI, and Intrafirm Trade', published in 2010, pp. S99-S110.

Conchita D'Ambrosio and Robert J. Hill, Review of Income and Wealth Editors

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Most read*:
Intangible capital and U.S. economic growth
Carol Corrado, Charles Hulten, Daniel Sichel

The growth of family earnings inequality in Canada, 1980–2005
Yuqian Lu, René Morissette, Tammy Schirle

The informal economy in developing countries: an introduction
Derek Blades, Francisco H. G. Ferreira, Maria Ana Lugo

Most cited**:
Equivalence Scales, Well-Being, Inequality, and Poverty - Sensitivity Estimates across 10 Countries Using the Luxembourg Income Study (Lis) Database

Buhmann, B; Rainwater, L; Schmaus, G; Smeeding

A New Set of International Comparisons Of Real Product And Price Levels Estimates For 130 Countries, 1950-1985
Summers, R; Heston, A

Exploring Alternative Measures of Welfare In The Absence Of Expenditure Data
Sahn, De; Stifel, D

The Kendrick Prize
Introduction to the John W. Kendrick Prize
by Thesia I. Garner, Chair of the Review Committee

Wealth Inequality and Household Structure: U.S. vs. Spain
Olympia Bover

Measuring the Location of Production in a world of Intangible productive Assets, FDI, and Intrafirm Trade
Robert E. Lipsey

The articles in this Virtual Issue are freely available to all online until 31st December 2011.
*Most read RIW articles on Wiley Online Library throughout 2011.
**RIW articles with most citations since 2000.


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2007 Virtual Issue - Poverty and Human Development
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Globalization and Regional Income Inequality: Empirical Evidence from Within China
Guanghua Wan, MING LU , ZHAO CHEN

The Urban-Rural Income Gap and Inequality in China
Terry Sicular, Yue Ximing, Björn Gustafsson, Li Shi

Forces Shaping Chinas Interprovincial Inequality
Kai-yuen Tsui

Urban poverty in China
XIN MENG, Robert Gregory, Guanhua Wan

Leonardo Gasparini, Federico Gutiérrez , Leopoldo Tornarolli

The measurement of income distribution dynamics when demographics are correlated with income
Denis Cogneau, Michael Grimm

Poverty Comparisons with absolute poverty lines estimated from survey data
Kenneth R. Smiler, Channing Arndt

Has World Poverty Really Fallen?
Sanjay Reddy, Camelia Minoiu