English Literary Renaissance

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Edited By: Arthur F. Kinney

Online ISSN: 1475-6757

40th Anniversary Virtual Issue

English Literary Renaissance is a journal devoted to current criticism and scholarship of Tudor and early Stuart English literature, 1485-1665, including Shakespeare, Spenser, Donne, and Milton. It is unique in featuring the publication of rare texts and newly discovered manuscripts of the period and current annotated bibliographies of work in the field. It is illustrated with contemporary woodcuts and engravings of Renaissance England and Europe. To celebrate the publication of the 40th volume of English Literary Renaissance, Arthur Kinney and the editorial board have put together a selection of articles ranging from 1971 to the present day.

Read the full introduction, written by Arthur F. Kinney, Joseph Black and Elizabeth H. Hageman.

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Volume 1
The Nutbrown Maid (a reconstructed text)
William A. Ringler

Volume 2
The Sidney-Hanau Correspondence
Charles S. Levy

The Bell / White MS: Some Unpublished Poems
T. G. S. Cain

Volume 3
Three Mumming Plays
Alan Brody

Volume 9
George Herbert’s Poems to the Queen of Bohemia: A Rediscovered Text and New Edition
Ted-Larry Pebworth

Rosis and Lysa: Selections from the Poems of Sir Robert Sidney
Katherine Duncan-Jones

Volume 10
The ‘Will and Testament’ of Isabella Whitney
Betty Travitsky

An Unpublished Journal of Essex’s Munster Campaign of 1599
R. H. Miller

Volume 14
Craven Ord Transcripts of Sir Henry Herbert’s Office-Book in the Folger Shakespeare Library
N. W. Bawcutt

A Letter Sent by the Maydens of London (1567)
R. J. Fehrenbach

Volume 15
The Imaginary Epistles of Sir Philip Sidney and Lady Penelope Rich
Josephine A. Roberts

Volume 16
The Works of Chidiock Tichborne (text)
Richard S. M. Hirsch

Two Poems and a Prose Receipt: The Unpublished Juvenalia of Katherine Philips (text)
Claudia Limbert

Volume 18
'Boote and Spurre’: A Jacobean Quete from Folger MS J. a. I.
R. S. Thomson

Volume 21
The Visit of the Nine Goddesses’: A Masque at Sir John Crofts’s House
C. E. McGe

Volume 23
Breuis Dialogismus
Victor Houliston

Volume 24
The French Verses of Elizabeth I
Steven W. May and Anne Lake Prescott

Two Unpublished Poems by Katherine Philips
Patricia M. Sant and James N. Brown

Volume 25
A London Plague Bill for 1592,Crich, and Goodwyffe Hurde
Herbert Berry

Volume 26
Elizabeth Southwell’s Manuscript Account of the Death of Queen Elizabeth
Catherine Loomis

Volume 27
Lucy Hutchinson’s ‘Elegies’ and the Situation of the Republican Woman Writer
David Norbrook

Volume 29
John Selden’s Letter to Ben Jonson on Cross-Dressing and Bisexual Gods
Jason P. Rosenblatt and Winfried Schleiner

Herrick’s ‘Christmas Carol’: A New Poem and its Implications for Patronage
Tom Cain

Volume 37
George Chapman’s Masque of the Twelve Months (1619)
Martin Butler

Volume 38
‘All Hayle to Hatfeild’: A New Series of Country House Poems from Leeds University Library, Brotherton Collection, MS Lt q 44
Tom Lockwood