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Published from 2009 - Present

Do Managers Withhold Bad News?
S.P. Kothari, Susan Shu, Peter D. Wysocki
Volume 47, Issue 1

Chief Executive Officer Equity Incentives And Accounting Irregularities
Christopher S. Armstrong, Alan D. Jagolinzer, David F. Larcker
Volume 48, Issue 2

National And Office-Specific Measures Of Auditor Industry Expertise And Effects On Audit Quality
Kenneth J. Reichelt, Dechun Wang
Volume 48, Issue 3

Adopting A Label: Heterogeneity In The Economic Consequences Around IAS/IFRS Adoptions
Holger Daske, Luzi Hail, Christian Leuz, Rodrigo Verdi
Volume 51, Issue 3

Debt Covenants And Accounting Conservatism
Valeri V. Nikolaev
Volume 48, Issue 1

The Impact Of Financial Reporting Quality On Debt Contracting: Evidence From Internal Control Weakness Reports
Anna M. Costello, Regina Wittenberg-Moerman
Volume 49, Issue 1

Equity Risk Incentives And Corporate Tax Aggressiveness
Sonja Olhoft Rego, Ryan Wilson
Volume 50, Issue 3

The Effect Of Mandatory IFRS Adoption On Financial Analysts' Information Environment
Donal Byard, Ying Li, Yong Yu
Volume 49, Issue 1

Inside The "Black Box" Of Sell-Side Financial Analysts
Lawrence D. Brown, Andrew C. Call, Michael B. Clement, Nathan Y. Sharp
Volume 53, Issue 1

Accounting Conservatism And The Efficiency Of Debt Contracts
Frank Gigler, Chandra Kanodia, Haresh Sapra, Raghu Venugopalan
Volume 47, Issue 3

Capital Versus Performance Covenants In Debt Contracts
Hans B. Christensen, Valeri V. Nikolaev
Volume 50, Issue 1

Market And Political/Regulatory Perspectives On The Recent Accounting Scandals
Ray Ball
Volume 47, Issue 2

The Information Content Of Forward-Looking Statements In Corporate Filings-A Naive Bayesian Machine Learning Approach
Feng Li
Volume 48, Issue 5

Transparency, Liquidity, And Valuation: International Evidence On When Transparency Matters Most
Mark Lang, Karl V. Lins, Mark Maffett
Volume 50, Issue 3

Do Publicly Disclosed Tax Reserves Tell Us About Privately Disclosed Tax Shelter Activity?
Petro Lisowsky, Leslie Robinson, Andrew Schmidt
Volume 51, Issue 3

The Effect Of Sox Internal Control Deficiencies On Firm Risk And Cost Of Equity
Hollis Ashbaugh-Skaife, Daniel W. Collins, William R. Kinney Jr, Ryan Lafond
Volume 47, Issue 1

The Value Of Financial Statement Verification In Debt Financing: Evidence From Private Us Firms
Michael Minnis
Volume 49, Issue 2

Analyst Following And Forecast Accuracy After Mandated IFRS Adoptions
Hongping Tan, Shiheng Wang, Michael Welker
Volume 49, Issue 5

The Benefits Of Financial Statement Comparability
Gus De Franco, S.P. Kothari, Rodrigo S. Verdi
Volume 49, Issue 4

Processing Fluency And Investors' Reactions To Disclosure Readability
Kristina Rennekamp
Volume 50, Issue 5