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Joint Virtual Issue: Drugs, heart rate and rhythms

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Digoxin reduces atherosclerosis in apolipoprotein E-deficient mice
Huairui Shi, Xiaobo Mao, Yucheng Zhong, Yuzhou Liu, Xiaoqi Zhao, Kunwu Yu, Ruirui Zhu, Yuzhen Wei, Jianghao Zhu, Haitao Sun, Yi Mao and Qiutang Zeng

A novel transgenic rabbit model with reduced repolarization reserve: long QT syndrome caused by a dominant-negative mutation of the KCNE1 gene
Péter Major, István Baczkó, László Hiripi, Katja E. Odening, Viktor Juhász, Zsófia Kohajda, András Horváth, György Seprényi, Mária Kovács, László Virág, Norbert Jost, János Prorok, Balázs Ördög, Zoltán Doleschall, Stanley Nattel, András Varró and Zsuzsanna Bosze

Detecting moxifloxacin-induced QTc prolongation in thorough QT and early clinical phase studies using a highly automated ECG analysis approach
Gopi Krishna Panicker, Dilip R Karnad, Pramod Kadam, Fabio Badilini, Anil Damle and Snehal Kothari

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Exenatide acutely increases heart rate in parallel with augmented sympathetic nervous system activation in healthy overweight males
Mark M. Smits, Marcel H. A. Muskiet, Lennart Tonneijck, Trynke Hoekstra, Mark H. H. Kramer, Michaela Diamant and Daniël H. van Raalte

Prediction of human fetal pharmacokinetics using ex vivo human placenta perfusion studies and physiologically based models
Maïlys De Sousa Mendes, Deborah Hirt, Cécile Vinot, Elodie Valade, Gabrielle Lui, Claire Pressiat, Naïm Bouazza, Frantz Foissac, Stephane Blanche, Minh Patrick Lê, Gilles Peytavin, Jean-Marc Treluyer, Saik Urien and Sihem Benaboud

Antidepressants and antipsychotics classified with torsades de pointes arrhythmia risk and mortality in older adults - a Swedish nationwide study
Bengt Danielsson, Julius Collin, Gudrun Jonasdottir Bergman, Natalia Borg, Peter Salmi and Johan Fastbom

Ventricular tachyarrhythmia and sudden cardiac death with domperidone use in Parkinson's disease
Christel Renoux, Sophie Dell'Aniello, Paul Khairy, Connie Marras, Shawn Bugden, Tanvir Chowdhury Turin, Lucie Blais, Hala Tamim, Charity Evans, Russell Steele, Colin Dormuth, Pierre Ernst and the Canadian Network for Observational Drug Effect Studies (CNODES) investigators