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Theme Issues and Sections: 2009

Histamine Pharmacology
Guest Editor: Paul Chazot
Volume 157 Issue 1 (May 2009)

Selected original research articles will appear alongside these following review articles:
Profs Steve Hill & Robin Ganellin (UK)

Molecular Pharmacology of the H3 histamine receptor
Dr Nicholas Curruthers (USA)

The H3 histamine receptor in the brain and potential for CNS pathologies
Prof Pertti Panula (Finland)

Molecular pharmacology of the histamine H4 receptor
Prof Rob Leurs (The Netherlands)

The H4 histamine receptor: anatomy, signalling & function
Dr Paul L Chazot (UK)

The role of H4 receptor in inflammatory disorders
Dr Katerina Tiligada (Greece)

The H4 receptor and Cancer
Prof Andras Falus (Hungary)

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Vector Design and Drug Delivery: On the Road to Gene Therapy
Guest Editor: Ken Takeda
Volume 157 Issue 2 (May 2009)

The development of various new drug delivery strategies has been the subject of intense activity over the last decade. A dominant driving force has been the promise to deliver gene-related products (or magic bullets) for therapeutics based on for example, manipulation of gene expression. The recent background that sets the stage includes genome-wide sequencing, conditional knock-out/in animal models, anti-sense and siRNA methodologies. Understandably, both academic researchers and the drug industry have fueled the search for efficient and safe delivery methods that are prerequisite for gene therapy.
In this themed section, a series of timely reviews will cover the past and current status of major approaches to deliver gene-related products. These invited reviews span viral and lipid vectorisation techniques, peptide delivery methods, antibodies and intrabodies, other nanovectors like carbon nanotubes and biophysical methods like electroporation. The intent is to bring together a body of information perhaps not familiar to the community of general pharmacologists and to highlight the continuing evolution of this fast-moving field.

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Endothelium in Pharmacology

Volume 157 Issue 4 (June 2009)

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Robert Furchgott’s discovery of endothelium-derived relaxant factor and a decade after he was awarded the Nobel Prize for this work, BJP is proud to publish an Endothelium Themed Section. This work has led to an array of new therapeutic targets. The themed section includes an editorial, three reviews on the pathophysiology of the endothelium and the drug targets that this presents, four research papers and three commentaries.

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Alongside these themed section articles we have also collected further reviews and research papers published in the past year on the Endothelium into a special Virtual Issue – from BJP and our sister journal BJCP - to help you find the latest work in this field. These articles are all available free.

GPCR (material from EPHAR Congress 2008)
Volume 158 Issue 1 (September 2009)
GPCR review articles from the EPHAR (European Federation of Pharmacological Societies) Congress at the University of Manchester Conference Centre, Manchester, UK, 13-17 July 2008. Selected authors were invited to prepare articles based on their talks. This exciting prospect lent itself to a repetition of the highly successful supplement derived from the Life Sciences 2007 meeting (BJP volume 153, Supplement 1, 2007).

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Advances in Nutritional Pharmacology
Guest Editor: Cherry Wainwright
Volume 158 Issue 2 (September 2009)

The value of dietary components to cardiovascular health is frequently reported in the media and therefore often captures the attention of the wider public. Understanding the pharmacological mechanisms by which nutritional elements confer their health benefits enables us to keep the public informed, but also aids in the identification of new targets for drug development. In recent years there has been significant progress in this field, for example the identification of a receptor for niacin and the subsequent development of selective agonists as lipid lowering agents, the development of new Vitamin D analogues and greater insight into the mechanisms underlying the beneficial cardiovascular effects of omega-3 fatty acids and resveretrol.
The themed issue on "Advances in Nutritional Pharmacology", edited by Cherry Wainwright, aims to provide a valuable and timely update on progress in these areas.

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Mediators and Receptors in Resolution of Inflammation
Guest Editor: Alastair Stewart
Volume 158 Issue 4 (October 2009)

The themed issue on Mediators and Receptors in Resolution of Inflammation will contain a mixture of Editorials, Review Articles, Commentaries, Opinion Pieces and Original Research Articles of relevance to the field. A selection of Review Articles that will be featured in the themed issue are listed below.

Review Articles
Catherine Godson
Mauro Perretti
The hepoxilins and some analogues: a review of their biology
Cecil Pace-Asciak
Protective mechanisms of activated protein C in severe inflammatory disorders
Michael Matthay
Maria Belvisi
Bruce Freeman
LXR ligands
Marie Belvisi
Noel Mcllvaney
Cyclin dependent kinases
Adriano Rossi

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