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Virtual Issue: Cannabinoids

Virtual Issue: Cannabinoids
(content last updated June 2013)

The long association that mankind has had with the Cannabis plant has allowed exploitation of its fibre for manifold uses and its unique synthetic capacity for medicinal, religious and ‘recreational’ purposes. The modern era of scientific research associated with Cannabis has allowed the identification of endogenous cannabinoids, together with multiple receptors, and synthetic and degradative enzymes. The near-ubiquitous nature of these endocannabinoids has allowed many rich veins of pharmacological research and therapeutic potential to be mined.

In recent years, BJP has been at the forefront of cannabinoid publications, producing several highly successful themed issues on cannabinoids. These issues represent a collation of over 120 research articles and reviews highlighting the full spectrum of cannabinoid research across the globe.

Cannabinoids 2013 (March 2014)

Cannabinoids 2012, Part Two (June 2013)

Cannabinoids 2012 (December 2012)

Cannabinoids in Biology and Medicine Part II (April 2012)

Cannabinoids in Biology and Medicine Part I (August 2011)

Cannabinoids (June 2010)

CB2 Receptors (January 2008)

Cannabinoid Pharmacology (November 2007)