Renaissance Studies

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Edited By: Jennifer Richards

Online ISSN: 1477-4658

Society Information

The Society for Renaissance Studies was founded in 1967 to provide a forum for those interested in any aspect of the study of the Renaissance. Through its meetings and publications the Society provides support for interdisciplinary teaching and research. Topics covered in talks, articles and reviews include the history, art, architecture, philosophy, science, technology, religion, music, the literatures and languages of Europe, and of the countries in contact with Europe, during the Renaissance.
The Society has active branches in Wales and Scotland, which also organize conferences and lectures for members.

The Society arranges visits which provide members with opportunities to enjoy private views of museums, galleries and exhibitions.

An important part of the Societys work is directed towards schools. Sixth Form Study Days and Open Conferences have been organized in London. The Society has been actively concerned with the place of history teaching in the national curriculum.

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