History Compass

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Editor-in-Chief: Laura Smoller

Online ISSN: 1478-0542


Unique in both range and approach, History Compass is an online-only journal publishing peer-reviewed state-of-the-field articles of the most important research and current thinking from across the entire discipline. History Compass plays an active role in fostering research that spans centuries and continents, and provides an ideal entry point for the non-specialist.

For increased ease of access, articles are published under the following sections:

Africa | Asia | Australasia & Pacific | Britain & Ireland | Caribbean & Latin America | Europe | Middle & Near East | North America | World

Aims and Scope

History Compass takes all of the past as its purview and solicits articles from every kind of historian. There are no restrictions in terms of geography, time period or historical methodology. Articles are not traditional reports on historical research but rather surveys of recent historiography, ongoing interpretive debates, of suggestions for fresh directions of inquiry. They are aimed at a mixed audience of undergraduates, graduates, and faculties. Whether it is a student looking for reliable information for a paper-topic, or practicing historians attempting to become familiar with a subject outside of their speciality, articles in History Compass are targeted at a broad audience.

History Compass...

supports your research with over 100 new articles per year, sourced from an international scholarly community. Gain an introduction to new fields, an overview of unfamiliar topics, and familiarity with the latest scholarship and debate.
informs your teaching with lively original articles that are quickly and continuously replenished, and supplemented with teaching guides. History Compass will provide you with up-to-date bibliographies and expert analysis on key themes to inspire and engage your students.

Explore History Compass for:

A new kind of core content: state-of-the-art surveys of current research discuss the major topics, issues, viewpoints, and controversies within each area of the discipline.
Coverage of the entire field highlights connections across sub-disciplines of historical scholarship
Reference-linked bibliographies for each article, providing the ideal entry point into specialist literature
Teaching Guides from article authors to inspire and engage your students
100 articles per year: 3 times more than a standard journal
Fast continuous publication: articles typically available 6-8 weeks after acceptance and as an online-only journal there are no issue restrictions.


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