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The Formation of National Culture in Egypt

Published: 01 Apr 2009

Edited By: Edited by Walter Armbrust (University of Oxford)

Introduction: This cluster of articles was originally part of a conference in Oxford on January 12-13, 2007, organized by Walter Armbrust, Ronald Nettler and Lucie Ryzova, and funded by the Middle East Centre (St. Antony's), The Faculty of Oriental Studies, The Khalid bin 'Abdullah Al-Sa'ud Professorship (Professor Clive Holes) and The Centre for Political Ideologies.

The Formation of National Culture in Egypt in the Interwar Period: Cultural Trajectories
Walter Armbrust

Repackaging the Egyptian Monarchy: Faruq in the Public Spotlight 1936-1939
Matthew H. Ellis

How Zaynab Became the First Arabic Novel
Elliott Colla

Women in Singing, Women in Songs
Frederic Lagrange

Long Live Patriarchy: Love in the Time of 'Abd al-Wahhab'
Walter Armbrust

Football as National Allegory: Al-Ahram and the Olympics in 1920's Egypt
Shaun Lopez

The Professional Worldview of the Effendi Historian
Yoav Di-Capua