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NEW! Varieties of Environmental History
June 2015
Edited by Laura Smoller

Courts: Seats of Justice, Centers of Power
October 2013
Edited by Laura Smoller

Science, Technology, Health
October 2012
Edited by Felice Lifshitz

Aspects of the Occult
October 2011
Edited by Felice Lifshitz

The Formation of National Culture in Egypt
April 2009
Edited by Walter Armbrust

Varieties of Environmental History
June 2015
Edited by Laura Smoller

The editors of History Compass are thrilled to present this issue of History around the Compass, exploring exciting new developments in the field of environmental history. Born out of the ecological concerns of the 1960s and 1970s, environmental history quickly established itself as a transnational and interdisciplinary field of history. As the essays collected here demonstrate, recent work in environmental history has continued to open up new areas of inquiry and to transform our understanding of older issues. Covering locations ranging from New Zealand to Latin America, from the Mamluk sultanate to the British empire, the scholarship presented here incorporates insights from fields as disparate as archaeology, anthropology, climatology, and epidemology to bring fresh light on such topics as imperialism, urban cultures, Native Americans, public health, agricultural structures, sport-fishing, political destines, and everyday life. As environmental history continues to push boundaries, its practitioners are finding innovative ways to put flora, fauna, soil, water, and weather at the center of the human past. We invite you to share in discovering the many facets by which historians are framing the interactions between humans and their environment.

Global Implications of the Middle Eastern Environment
Alan Mikhail

An Introduction to the Environmental History of the Mamluk Sultanate
Yehoshua Frenkel

A Most Excellent Thing: Ecological Imperialism and the Introduction of Trout to Canterbury, New Zealand
Jack Kós

Beyond "the Ecological Indian" and "Virgin Soil Epidemics": New Perspectives on Native Americans and the Environment
James D. Rice

Recent Themes in the Environmental History of the British Empire
James Beattie

Animals and Imperialism: Recent Historiographical Trends
Aaron Skabelund

Bringing the Animals Back in: Writing Quadrupeds into the Environmental History of Latin America and the Caribbean
Lauren Derby

Medieval Urban Environmental History
Roberta J. Magnusson

Knowing Nature through History
Liza Piper

Courts: Seats of Justice, Centers of Power
October 2013
Edited by Laura Smoller

Republican Courts and Beyond: Early U.S. Political Culture
Sandra Moats

Family, the State, and Law in Early Modern and Revolutionary France
Matthew Gerber

Gender and Rulership in the Medieval German Empire
Amalie Fößel

Ottoman Judicial Change in the Age of Modernity: A Reappraisal
Avi Rubin

Railing Rhymes Revisited: Libels, Scandals, and Early Stuart Politics
Alastair Bellany

Eunuchs in Historical Perspective
Kathryn M. Ringrose

Judicial Beginnings: The Supreme Court in the 1790s
Robert P. Frankel Jr.

Transmissions and Transformations: Global Peace Movements between the Hague Conferences and World War I
Anne Chao

Queenship: Politics and Gender in Tudor England
Retha Warnicke

The Law of the Land or the Law of the Land?: History, Law and Narrative in a Settler Society
Bain Attwood

For further reading

Science, Technology, Health
October 2012
Edited by Felice Lifshitz

Disability in the Middle Ages: Impairment at the Intersection of Historical Inquiry and Disability Studies
Irina Metzler

New Directions in the Study of Religious Responses to the Black Death
Justin Stearns

Blood in Medieval Cultures
Bettina Bildhauer

Recent Perspectives on Leprosy in Medieval Western Europe
Elma Brenner

Integrative Medicine: Incorporating Medicine and Health into the Canon of Medieval European History
Monica H. Green

Writing the History of the Natural Sciences in the pre-modern Muslim world: Historiography, Religion, and the Importance of the Early Modern Period
Justin Stearns

Religion and the Enlightenment(s)
M. Sandberg

Science and Technology in India: The Digression of Asia and Europe
Aniruddha Bose

‘Dead Meat’ Dramas: Diseased Meat and the Public's Health
Keir Waddington

The Ties That Bind: Infanticide, Gender, and Society
Brigitte H. Bechtold and Donna Cooper

The Fertility of Scholarship on the History of Reproductive Rights in the United States
Joyce Berkman

Eugenics and Historical Memory in America
Alexandra Minna Stern

Having a Clean Up? Deporting Lunatic Migrants from Western Australia, 1924–1939
Philippa Martyr

Re-visiting Histories of Modernization, Progress, and (Unequal) Citizenship Rights: Coerced Sterilization in Peru and in the United States
Jadwiga E. Pieper Mooney

Flu: Past and Present
George Dehner

Malaria in Africa
James L. A. Webb Jr.

Polio in Nigeria
Elisha P. Renne

Sowing the Seeds of Progress: The Agricultural Biotechnology Debate in Africa
Noah Zerbe

The League of Nations and the Debate over Cannabis Prohibition
Liat Kozma

The Medical History of South Africa: An Overview
Anne Digby

Constructing a Narrative: The History of Science and Technology in Latin America
María Portuondo

A Survey of the History of Science in New Zealand 1769–1992
Rebecca Priestley

History for the Anthropocene
Libby Robin and Will Steffen

Aspects of the Occult
October 2011
Edited by Felice Lifshitz

Astrology in the Middle Ages
Hilary M. Carey

Magic in the Middle Ages: History and Historiography
David J. Collins

Magic and Impotence: Recent Developments in Medieval Historiography
Catherine Rider

Kabbalah: A Medieval Tradition and Its Contemporary Appeal
Hava Tirosh-Samuelson

Magic and Divination in the Medieval Islamic Middle East
Edgar Francis

Traditions and Trajectories in the Historiography of European Witch Hunting
Thomas A. Fudge

A New Trumpet? The History of Women in Scotland 1300–1700
Elizabeth Ewan

Deference and Dissent in Tudor England: Reflections on Sixteenth-Century Protest
K. J. Kesselring

Sexuality, Witchcraft, and Honor in Colonial Spanish America
Nicole von Germeten

Vaya con Dios: Religion and the Transnational History of the Americas
Pamela Voekel, Bethany Moreton and Michael Jo

The History of Prophecy in West Africa: Indigenous, Islamic, and Christian
Joel E. Tishken

The Missionary Impact: The Northern Transvaal in the Late Nineteenth Century
Alan Kirkaldy

The Formation of National Culture in Egypt
April 2009
Edited by Walter Armbrust

The Formation of National Culture in Egypt in the Interwar Period: Cultural Trajectories
Walter Armbrust

Repackaging the Egyptian Monarchy: Faruq in the Public Spotlight 1936-1939
Matthew H. Ellis

How Zaynab Became the First Arabic Novel
Elliott Colla

Women in the Singing Business, Women in Songs
Frederic Lagrange

Long Live Patriarchy: Love in the Time of ‘Abd al-Wahhab
Walter Armbrust

Football as National Allegory: Al-Ahram and the Olympics in 1920s Egypt
Shaun Lopez

The Professional Worldview of the Effendi Historian
Yoav Di-Capua