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Editor-in-Chief: Laura Smoller

Online ISSN: 1478-0542

Australasia & Pacific

Edited by Kate Darian-Smith, Katie Pickles and Paul Turnbull

Volume 14 (2016)

Private Lives, Public History: Navigating Historical Consciousness in Australia
Anna Clark

In the Shadow of Anzac: Labour Historiography of the First World War in Australia
Carolyn Holbrook and Nathan Wise

Australian Girls' Reading in the First Half of the Twentieth Century: A Survey of the Necessary Approaches
Bronwyn Lowe

Volume 13 (2015)

Histories of Adolescence and Affect: Setting an Agenda
Chris Brickell

Assessing Magnitude: Tasmanian Aboriginal Population, Resistance and the Significance of Musquito in the Black War
Michael Powell

Educational Spaces and the ‘Whole’ Child: A Spatial History of School Design, Pedagogy and the Modern Australian Nation
Sianan Healy and Kate Darian-Smith

‘A Most Excellent Thing: Ecological Imperialism and the Introduction of Trout to Canterbury, New Zealand’
Jack Kós

Visuality and Its Affects: Some New Directions for Australian Heritage Tourism
Emma Waterton

Marginal Creatures: Australian Women War Reporters During World War II
Jeannine Baker

The Rise of Indigenous Military History
Noah Riseman

Volume 12 (2014)

Overturning the Point: Exploring Change in Australian–Asian relations
Agnieszka Sobocinska

‘The Scum of French Criminals and Convicts’: Australia and New Caledonia Escapees
Russell Brennan and Jonathan Richards

Trends in Religious History in New Zealand: From Institutional to Social History
Peter J. Lineham

Global Advertising Histories: an Australian Perspective
Jackie Dickenson

Volume 11 (2013)

Reading ‘Multiculturalism’: A Historiography of Policy and Ideal in Australia
Zoe Anderson

Museums, History and Migration in Australia
Eureka Henrich

Historical Perspectives on Child Sexual Abuse, Part 2
Yorick Smaal

Historical Perspectives on Child Sexual Abuse, Part 1
Yorick Smaal

Opaque Proliferation: The Historiography of Australia's Cold War Nuclear Weapons Option
Luke Auton

Historiographic Foodways: A Survey of Food and Drink Histories in Australia
Tanja Luckins

Poor Laws: A Historiography of Vagrancy in Australia
Julie Kimber

The New Zealand Home Front during World War One and World War Two
Gwen Parsons

Genocide, Extinction and Aboriginal Self-determination in Tasmanian Historiography
Rebe Taylor

Making Histories ‘Ngapartji-ngapartji Way’: Exploring Collaboration, Exchange and Intercultural Histories in a Colonised Settler Nation
Shannyn Palmer

Girls in Grey: Surveying Australian Military Nurses in World War I
Kirsty Harris

Volume 10 (2012)

The Prusso-German Idea of War: The Values of a virtual Rogue State
John Moses

Settler Colonial Automobilities: A Distinct Constellation of Automobile Cultures?
Georgine Clarsen and Lorenzo Veracini

‘Leach would be first rate – if you could get him’1: Edmund Leach and the Australian National University, 1956
Geoffrey Gray and Doug Munro

Anzac Day at Home and Abroad: Towards a History of Australia’s National Day
Bruce Scates, Rae Frances, Keir Reeves, Frank Bongiorno, Martin Crotty, Gareth Knapman, Graham Seal, Annette Becker, Andrew Reeves, Tim Soutphommasane, Kevin Blackburn, Stephen J Clarke, Peter Stanley, Andrew Hoskins, Jay Winter, Carl Bridge, Laura James, Rebecca Wheatley, Leah Riches, Alexandra McCosker and Simon Sleight

Globalising Indigeneity? Writing Indigenous Histories in a Transnational World
Karen Fox

Missionaries and Indigenous Education in the 19th-Century British Empire. Part I: Church-State Relations and Indigenous Actions and Reactions
Felicity Jensz

Missionaries and Indigenous Education in the 19th-Century British Empire. Part II: Race, Class, and Gender
Felicity Jensz

Historicising the ‘Big O.E.’: New Approaches to New Zealand Tourists and Travel Writing Abroad
Genevieve de Pont

Recent Themes in the Environmental History of the British Empire
James Beattie

Volume 9 (2011)

Lost Horizon: The Social History of the Cinema Audience
Kate Bowles

Emotions, Digital Tools and Public Histories: Digital Storytelling using Windows Movie Maker in the History Tertiary Classroom
Catharine Coleborne and Elaine Bliss

Transnational History and Cultural Cringe: Some Issues for Consideration in New Zealand, Australia and Canada
Katie Pickles

Australian Prison Tourism: A Question of Narrative Integrity
Jacqueline Wilson

Beyond the Ivory Tower – Higher Education Institutions as Cultural Resource: Case Study of the Queensland Conservatorium of Music
Peter Roennfeldt

Having a Clean Up? Deporting Lunatic Migrants from Western Australia, 1924–1939
Philippa Martyr

World War One British Empire Discharged Soldier Settlement in Comparative Focus
Michael Roche

Volume 8 (2010)

Convict Art and Craft in Colonial New Caledonia
Prue Ahrens and Louis Lagarde

Convict Transportation from Britain and Ireland 1615–1870
Hamish Maxwell-Stewart

Good Campers: The History of Australian War Reporting
Fay Anderson

The History of Children in Australia: An Interdisciplinary Historiography
Carla Pascoe

Australian Multiculturalism: Revisiting Australia’s Political Heritage and the Migrant Presence
Robert Mason

Material Histories in Australia and New Zealand: Interweaving Distinct Material and Social Domains
Bronwyn Labrum

Immigration History and Whiteness Studies: American and Australian Approaches Compared
Georgia Shiells

A Survey of the History of Science in New Zealand 1769–1992
Rebecca Priestley

To the Islands – Photographs of Tropical Colonies in The Queenslander
Hannah Perkins, Max Quanchi

Volume 7 (2009)

Assembling Histories: J. G. A. Pocock, Aotearoa/New Zealand and the British World
Terry Austrin, John Farnsworth

Mapping Australasia
Philippa Mein Smith

Networks of Empire: Linkage and Reciprocity in Nineteenth-Century Irish and Indian History
Barry Crosbie

The Piano as Cultural Symbol in Colonial New Zealand
Kirstine Moffat

Australian Aboriginal Activism in Interwar Britain and Europe: Anthony Martin Fernando
Fiona Paisley

The Changing Relationship between Māori and Environmentalists in 1970s and 1980s New Zealand
Keri Mills

Museums and Museum Studies in New Zealand: A Survey of Historical Developments
Conal McCarthy, Joanna Cobley

Reflections on Writing Comparative and Transnational Labour History
James Bennett

Volume 6 (2008)

Celebration of Another Nation?: Australia's Bicentenary in Britain
Robert Crawford

Historical Geography in New Zealand, 1987–2007
Michael Roche

The Native Police of Queensland
Jonathan Richards

'Falsified by History': Menzies, Asia and Post-Imperial Australia
Mads Clausen

Voyages, Encounters, and Agency in Oceania: Captain Cook and Indigenous People
Bronwen Douglas

The Trans-Tasman Cable, the Australasian Bridgehead and Imperial History
James Smithies

Uncharted Pacific Waters: The Solomon Islands Constitution and the Government of Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, 2006–2007
Clive Moore

'To Try to Form Some Connections with the Natives': Encounters between Captain Cook and Indigenous People at Botany Bay in 1770
Maria Louise Nugent

Cuckoo in the Nest? Australian Military Historiography: The State of the Field
Jeffrey Grey

Whose War Was It Anyway? Some Australian Historians and the Great War
Frank Bongiorno, Grant Mansfield

Botany Bay Cargo: Church, State and the Shaping of European Australia
John Gascoigne

Volume 5 (2007)

Antipodean Myths Transformed: The Evolution of Australian Identity
Paul Arthur

A Feather Bed Dictionary: Colonialism and Sexuality
Juliette Milner-Thornton

The 'Bring out a Briton' Campaign of 1957 and British Migration to Australia in the 1950s
Andrew Hassam

Ngāi Tahu Historiography
Angela Wanhalla

Sport and Ethnicity in New Zealand
Geoff Watson

Camden to London and Paris: The Role of the Macarthur Family in the Early New South Wales Wine Industry
Julie McIntyre

Looking across the Tasman: New Zealand Exemplars in Australian Indigenous Affairs, 1920s–1970s
Russell McGregor

Traffick of Empire: Trade, Treaty and Terra Nullius in Australia and North America, 1750–1800
Bruce Buchan

British Anatomists, Phrenologists and the Construction of the Aboriginal Race, c.1790–1830
Paul Turnbull

Volume 4 (2006)

New Zealand on the Pacific Frontier: Environment, Economy and Culture
Jim McAloon

Turning the Map Upside Down
Regina Ganter

Volume 3 (2005)

War 'Zones': The Metropolis and New Zealand, 1940 and 2005
Felicity Barnes

Australian Nationalism and Working-Class Britishness: The Case of Rugby League Football
Tony Collins

Rewriting Australia's Racist Past: How Historians (Mis)Interpret the 'White Australia' Policy
Matthew Jordan

Volume 2 (2004)

Shifting Priorities: Australia's Defence Ties to Britain in the Aftermath of Empire
Andrea Benvenuti

The Law of the Land or the Law of the Land?: History, Law and Narrative in a Settler Society
Bain Attwood

'Healthy Types of Young Danes': Australia's Unwilling Post-War Migrants
Jeppe Kristensen

Volume 1 (2003)

Pacific Islands History: A One-Lifetime 'Sunset Industry'
I. C. Campbell

Australian Historical Studies– New Directions for the Twenty-First Century
Joy Damousi

Why Australian History Matters
Carl Bridge

Genocide and Holocaust Consciousness in Australia
A. Dirk Moses

History Never Repeats? The Waitangi Tribunal and New Zealand History
Ewan Morris

A History for our Time? The Idea of the People in Australian Democracy
Mark McKenna

Australia and New Zealand: Turning Shared Pasts into a Shared History
Philippa Mein Smith, Peter Hempenstall

A Means and Measure of Civilisation: Colonial Authorities and Indigenous Law in Australasia
Damen Ward

Taking Private Life Seriously: Marriage and Nationhood
Barbara Brookes