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History Around the Compass: Science, Technology, Health

History Around the Compass:
Science, Technology, Health

Science, Technology, Health

Disability in the Middle Ages: Impairment at the Intersection of Historical Inquiry and Disability Studies
Irina Metzler

New Directions in the Study of Religious Responses to the Black Death
Justin Stearns

Blood in Medieval Cultures
Bettina Bildhauer

Recent Perspectives on Leprosy in Medieval Western Europe
Elma Brenner

Integrative Medicine: Incorporating Medicine and Health into the Canon of Medieval European History
Monica H. Green

Writing the History of the Natural Sciences in the pre-modern Muslim world: Historiography, Religion, and the Importance of the Early Modern Period
Justin Stearns

Religion and the Enlightenment(s)
M. Sandberg

Science and Technology in India: The Digression of Asia and Europe
Aniruddha Bose

‘Dead Meat’ Dramas: Diseased Meat and the Public's Health
Keir Waddington

The Ties That Bind: Infanticide, Gender, and Society
Brigitte H. Bechtold and Donna Cooper

The Fertility of Scholarship on the History of Reproductive Rights in the United States
Joyce Berkman

Eugenics and Historical Memory in America
Alexandra Minna Stern

Having a Clean Up? Deporting Lunatic Migrants from Western Australia, 1924–1939
Philippa Martyr

Re-visiting Histories of Modernization, Progress, and (Unequal) Citizenship Rights: Coerced Sterilization in Peru and in the United States
Jadwiga E. Pieper Mooney

Flu: Past and Present
George Dehner

Malaria in Africa
James L. A. Webb Jr.

Polio in Nigeria
Elisha P. Renne

Sowing the Seeds of Progress: The Agricultural Biotechnology Debate in Africa
Noah Zerbe

The League of Nations and the Debate over Cannabis Prohibition
Liat Kozma

The Medical History of South Africa: An Overview
Anne Digby

Constructing a Narrative: The History of Science and Technology in Latin America
María Portuondo

A Survey of the History of Science in New Zealand 1769–1992
Rebecca Priestley

History for the Anthropocene
Libby Robin and Will Steffen