The Muslim World

Cover image for Vol. 106 Issue 4

Edited By: Yahya M. Michot, Timur Yuskaev

Online ISSN: 1478-1913


The Muslim World Celebrates 100 Years!
The Hartford Seminary recently held a celebration for the 100th anniversary of the publication of The Muslim World journal with a special program on Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations.

Listen to Lectures from The Muslim World's 100th Anniversary Celebrations:

The Future of Islam in America

Christian-Muslim Relations Today

Recent Christian-Muslim Exchanges Breaks New Ground


An Arc of Hope: Muslims, Interfaith Engagement and Peacebuilding After 9/11
On the 10th anniversary of the terrorists' attacks, Hartford Seminary offered a special program that examined the impact of these attacks, with special attention to the American Muslim community, the current interfaith religious landscape, and policy dilemmas confronting American officials and their allies.

Watch videos from the event:

The Ethical Maturation of the American Muslim Community after 9/11
Ingrid Mattson

9/11 and the Need for a New Paradigm of Interfaith Dialogue
Mahmoud Ayoub

Peacebuidling and Profiteering: A Juxtaposition of Evangelical Engagement with Muslims since 9/11
Nicolas Mumejian

From Axis of Evil to Arc of Hope -- Muslim Futures after 9/11
Bruce Lawrence