The Muslim World

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Edited By: Yahya M. Michot, Timur Yuskaev

Online ISSN: 1478-1913

Special Issues

Volume 102, Issue 1
Celebrating the 900th Anniversary of al-Ghazali, Part 2

Volume 101, Issue 4
Celebrating the 900th Anniversary of al-Ghazali, Part 1

Volume 101, Issue 3
9/11 Retrospections on a Decade

Volume 101, Issue 2
From Structural Violence to Violent Activism Around the Persian Gulf

Volume 100, Issue 2-3
A Special Issue on Islam and Buddhism

Volume 99, Issue 4  
Engaging Christian-Muslim Relations: Essays in Honor of David A. Kerr

Volume 99, Issue 3
A Special Issue on The Deoband Madrasa

Volume 98, Issue 2-3
The Presidency of Religious Affairs in Turkey: DIYANET
Special Editor: Gazi Erdem, Attaché of Religious Affairs, Turkish Consulate, New York

Volume 97, Issue 3 
Globalization and Religious Resurgence: Asian Responses
Guest edited by Syed Farid Alatas

Volume 97, Issue 1
Contemporary American Discourses on Islam: The Politics of Representation
A Special Issue on the 4th Annual Critical Islamic Reflections Conference at Yale
Guest edited by Mahan H. Mirza

Volume 96, Issue 4
Authorizing Islam in Europe
Guest edited by Frank Peter and Elena Arigita

Volume 95, Issue 4
Young American Muslim Identities
Guest editoed by Karen Isaksen Leonard

Volume 95, Issue 2
Muslim and Non-Muslim Women in the Empires of Islam, 1453–1798
Nabil Matar and Bindu Maliecka