Coloration Technology

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Editor-in-Chief: Andrew Towns

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ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2013: 5/22 (Materials Science Textiles); 41/71 (Chemistry Applied); 73/133 (Engineering Chemical)

Online ISSN: 1478-4408

AIC Colour Congress Virtual Issue

Afterclearing of disperse dyed polyester with gaseous ozone
Huseyin Aksel Eren, Dilek Ozturk, Semiha Eren

Determination of dyers’ perceived components of colour difference (depth, brightness and hue) between two similar colours from their spectral reflectance values
Roger H Wardman, Salma Farooq, Ken J Smith

UV-assisted screen-printing of flat textiles
Marek Kozicki, Elżbieta Sąsiadek

Illuminant metamerism potentiality of metameric pairs
Shahram Peyvandi, Seyed H. Amirshahi, Boris Sluban

A novel general method for fast and easy preparation of cationic, neutral dimethinehemicyanine and dimethine dyes by uncatalysed Knoevenagel condensation
Todor Deligeorgiev, Nikolay Gadjev, Stefka Kaloyanova, Nedyalko Lesev, Aleksey Vasilev, Alexi Alexiev

Supercritical fluid dyeing of synthetic and natural textiles – a review
Mauro Banchero

Decolorisation of aqueous dye solutions by low-cost adsorbents: a review
Rashmi Sanghi, Preeti Verma

Tunable solid-state fluorescence emission and red upconversion luminescence of novel anthracene-based fluorophores
Yi-Feng Sun, Zhi-Yong Chen, Li Zhu, Shu-Hong Xu, Ren-Tao Wu, Yi-Ping Cui

The sensitivity and impact of dye structure and fibre micronaire on the increased dyeability of bioengineered cotton fibres
Özgür Ceylan, Lieve Van Landuyt, Florence Goubet, Karen De Clerck

The influence of copper(II) ions on wool photostability in the dry state
Hu Zhang, Santanu Deb-Choudhury, Jeffrey Plowman, Keith Millington, Jolon Dyer