Coloration Technology

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Editor-in-Chief: Andrew Towns

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Review Articles 2009-2017

Here is a collection of Coloration Technology's review articles taken from 2009 to the present.

Textile research and development in the UK – success or failure?

James Park and John Shore

Biosynthesis and synthesis of natural colours

Timothy L Dawson

Evolution of right-first-time dyeing production

J Park and J Shore

The development of indigo reduction methods and pre-reduced indigo products

Richard S Blackburn, Thomas Bechtold and Philip John

Industrial organic photochromic dyes

S Nigel Corns, Steven M Partington and Andrew D Towns

Development of efficient and durable sources of white light

Timothy L Dawson

Styryl dyes – synthesis and applications during the last 15 years

Todor Deligeorgiev, Aleksey Vasilev, Stefka Kaloyanova and Juan J Vaquero

Therapeutic applications of near-infrared dyes

Mark Wainwright

Changing colours: now you see them, now you don’t

Timothy L Dawson

Photorealistic ink-jet digital printing – factors influencing image quality, image stability and print durability

Algy Kazlauciunas

The quality of light sources

M Ronnier Luo

Quality of the daylight sources for industrial colour control

Robert Hirschler, Danielle F Oliveira and Lincoln C Lopes

On measuring task performance

Peter R Boyce

Lighting in offices: lamp spectrum and brightness

Steve Fotios

Review of retail store lighting: implications for colour control of products

David Hinks and Renzo Shamey

Evaluation of the CIE colour rendering index

Cheng Li, M Ronnier Luo, Guihua Cui and Changiun Li

Coloration and application of pH-sensitive dyes on textile materials

Lien Van der Schueren and Karen De Clerck

Progress towards a greener textile industry

Tim Dawson

Decolorisation of aqueous dye solutions by low-cost adsorbents: a review

Rashmi Sanghi, Preeti Verman

Supercritical fluid dyeing of synthetic and natural textiles – a review

Mauro Banchero

Review of quantitative structure-activity/property relationship studies of dyes: recent advances and perspectives

Feng Luan, Xuan Xu, Huitao Liu, Maria Natália Dias Soeiro Cordeiro

The role of colorants in the generation, storage, and output of digital still images

Algy Kazlauciunas

A review of organic electrochromic fabric devices

Whitney Kline, Robert Lorenzini and Gregory Sotzing

The Gewald reaction in dye chemistry

Ram W. Sabnis

Dyes, flies, and sunny skies: photodynamic therapy and neglected tropical diseases

Mark Wainwright