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Edited By: Masanori J. Toda

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Recently Published Articles

  1. First finding of larviposition in Calliphora loewi from an island relict forest

    Catarina Prado e Castro, Krzysztof Szpila, Carla Rego, Mário Boieiro and Artur R. M. Serrano

    Article first published online: 27 JAN 2016 | DOI: 10.1111/ens.12163

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    The evidence of larviposition in Calliphora loewi is here reported for the first time and discussed in relation with other blowfly species exhibiting the same behavior. The blowfly C. loewi is considered oviparous but surprisingly female specimens from Madeira Island (Portugal) were found to carry a few large larvae in their ovipositors and abdomen.

  2. Differences in prey capture in semiaquatic bugs (Heteroptera: Gerromorpha)

    Tomáš Ditrich and Miroslav Papáček

    Article first published online: 25 JAN 2016 | DOI: 10.1111/ens.12165

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    Time required to capture prey was investigated in five gerromorphan species from two families. We found significant differences in latency to capture the prey between species from lentic vs lotic habitats. This difference in feeding behavior can probably allow coexistence of gerrids and veliids in the sites where their occurrence overlaps.

  3. Occurrence and genetics of black-eyed migratory locusts, Locusta migratoria (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

    Yudai Nishide and Seiji Tanaka

    Article first published online: 25 JAN 2016 | DOI: 10.1111/ens.12161

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    Black-eyed Locusta migratoria appeared in the albino locusts. The black eye trait was recessive to the white eye trait and showed no genetic association with other traits including wing morph and adult body dimensions.

  4. Morphology and distribution of ovipositor sensilla of female cotton leaf worm Spodoptera littoralis (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), and evidence for gustatory function

    Mervat A. Seada, Rickard Ignell and Peter Anderson

    Article first published online: 25 JAN 2016 | DOI: 10.1111/ens.12160

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    The ovipositor of Spodoptera littoralis is packed with many sensilla which imply a distinct sensory function of this organ in the assessment of the egg laying substrates. The structure of sensilla chaetica (s. chaetica) Types I–III suggests a mechanosensory function, whereas electrophysiological analysis of s. chaetica Type IV showed responses of at least four chemosensory neurons and one mechanosensory neuron.

  5. Early comers occupy popular territories in a lycaenid butterfly, Chrysozephyrus smaragdinus (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)

    Tsuyoshi Takeuchi

    Article first published online: 22 JAN 2016 | DOI: 10.1111/ens.12166

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    Males of a lycaenid butterfly <i>Chrysozephyrus smaragdinus </i>compete over mating territories. I showed that early comers not only are able to hold territories, but also hold popular territories. Prior residency has strong effects on the butterfly's territoriality.