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Flying distance of frass kicked by the grasshopper Atractomorpha lata and factors affecting the flying distance

Read the article Flying distance of frass kicked by the grasshopper Atractomorpha lata and factors affecting the flying distance and watch the video.

Adults of the grasshopper Atractomorpha lata use a hind leg kick to project their frass a considerable distance from themselves. Read more...

Flying distance of frass

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NEW!Roles of circadian clock genes in insect photoperiodism
Shin G. Goto

Functional involvement of a circadian clock in photoperiodism for measuring the length of day or night had been proposed more than 70 years ago, and various physiological experiments have supported the idea. However, the molecular basis of a circadian clock has remained veiled in insects. Nevertheless, our knowledge of the functional elements of a circadian clock governing circadian rhythmicity has advanced rapidly. Read now

Biology of Asphondyliini (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae)
Makoto Tokuda

The family Cecidomyiidae (Diptera) including about 6100 described species displays diverse feeding habits. The tribe Asphondyliini is a well-circumscribed monophyletic group of Cecidomyiidae and all species are known as gall inducers. Species belonging to this tribe exhibit fascinating ecological traits such as host alternation, polyphagy, extended diapause, induction of dimorphic galls and association with fungal symbionts. Read now

Harmonia axyridis invasions: Deducing evolutionary causes and consequences
John J. Sloggett

In this review, we discuss evolutionary approaches to deducing factors that have made the ladybird beetle Harmonia axyridis such a successful invader, and the contribution that studies of this species in its native range can make. Read now

Effects of forest disturbances on aquatic insect assemblages
Mayumi Yoshimura

In this review paper, aquatic insect assemblages are assessed according to alterations in land use in and around streams. Following this paper, it is expected that clarification of aquatic insect fauna and their life cycles will progress and that the distribution and habitat use of aquatic insects will be afforded greater attention in forest management. Read now

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