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Edited By: Masanori J. Toda

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The Biology of Insects in the Ryukyu Archipelago, June 2010

Edited by Kazuki Tsuji, Ryukyu University, Japan

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to introduce this virtual issue "The Biology of Insects in the Ryukyu Archipelago" in Entomological Science. The Ryukyu Archipelago consists of 188 islands between Kyushu and Taiwan. The islands separate the East China Sea and the Philippine Sea and are often categorized into several local groups, including the Osumi, Amami, Tokara and Sakishima groups. The Okinawa island group is located near the center of the Ryukyu Archipelago. The Archipelago is mostly subtropical and regarded as a world biodiversity hot spot. More than eight thousand insect species are known throughout the Ryukyus. Therefore, studies on the insects of these islands play an important role in the development of pure and applied entomological science in Asia.

As one can see from the presented papers, taxonomy-based biogeography, management of invasive pest insects and evolutionary ecology have been the major subjects of research. These papers, some experimental and others are purely descriptive, are significant and will continue to be valuable in the future. As with many other regions, the natural environments of the Ryukyus are becoming narrower and more disturbed by human activities. I hope that readers will enjoy these papers and share the desire to more deeply understand and to conserve these fascinating environments.

A new species of Bracon (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) parasitic on alien sweetpotato weevils in the south-west islands of Japan
Kaoru MAETO, Takumi UESATO

Discovery of the genus Suhpalacsa Lefèbvre (Neuroptera: Ascalaphidae: Ascalaphinae) in Japan, with description of a new species
Shigeyuki SEKIMOTO, Kazunori YOSHIZAWA

A new genus, Tenguobythus, and five new species of the Iniocyphine subtribe Natypleurina from Japan (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Pselaphinae)
Shiho ARAI, Shûhei NOMURA

Diversity of drosophilid flies on Kume-jima, a subtropical island: comparison with diversity on Iriomote-jima
Masanori KONDO, Masahito T. KIMURA

First detection of the fruit fly Bactrocera synnephes (Diptera: Tephritidae) on Iriomote Island, south-western Japan

Synonymy of Etiennea Matile-Ferrero with Hemilecanium Newstead (Hemiptera: Coccidae), based on morphology of adult females, adult males and first-instar nymphs, and description of a new potential pest species from the Ryukyu Archipelago, Japan
Takumasa KONDO, Nate B. HARDY

Taxonomic study of the genus Leptopulvinaria Kanda (Hemiptera: Coccoidea: Coccidae), with a description of a new species
Hirotaka TANAKA, Hiroshi AMANO

Clusiidae (Diptera) from log emergence traps in the Yambaru, a subtropical forest of Japan
Masahiro SUEYOSHI, Hideaki GOTO, Hiroki SATO, Tsutomu HATTORI, Nobuhiko KOTAKA, Kazuhiko SAITO

Nestmate discrimination in the queenless ponerine ant Diacamma sp. from Japan
Mayuko SUWABE, Hitoshi OHNISHI, Tomonori KIKUCHI, Kazuki TSUJI

Detection of an invasive gall-inducing pest, Quadrastichus erythrinae (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae), causing damage to Erythrina variegata L. (Fabaceae) in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
Nami UECHI, Takumi UESATO, Junichi YUKAWA

Microhabitat and rhythmic behavior of tiger beetle Callytron yuasai okinawense larvae in a mangrove forest in Japan

Unique social structure of Probolomyrmex longinodus
Tomonori KIKUCHI, Kazuki TSUJI

Demography of the Okinawan eusocial wasp Ropalidia fasciata (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) I. Survival rate of individuals and colonies, and yearly fluctuations in colony density
Yosiaki ITÔ, Eiiti KASUYA

Demography of the Okinawan eusocial wasp Ropalidia fasciata (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) II. Effects of foundress group size on survival rates of colonies and foundresses, and production of progeny
Yosiaki ITÔ, Takao ITIOKA