Journal of Metamorphic Geology

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Edited By: Michael Brown, Geoff Clarke, Doug Robinson, Richard White and Donna Whitney

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Online ISSN: 1525-1314

Microstructures, deformation and tectonics of melt-bearing rocks

The time scale of a metamorphic event and whether penetrative deformation occurred during partial melting are important variables. Partial melting in shallow contact metamorphic environments, where the timescale may be very brief indeed, commonly occurs in the absence of significant applied stress. As a result the features produced during partial melting in the inner parts of contact metamorphic aureoles and the microstructures of the melted rocks tend to be well preserved in comparison with those formed in deeper regional metamorphic environments, where deformation is an important element controlling the macroscopic features of migmatites and the microstructures commonly have been modified during slow cooling.

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