Journal of Metamorphic Geology

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Edited By: Michael Brown, Katy Evans, Doug Robinson, Richard White and Donna Whitney

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Online ISSN: 1525-1314

Thermobarometry, PT paths, phase equilibria modelling and retrograde processes in formerly melt-bearing rocks

An important task in any petrological study is to quantify the P–T–X conditions of metamorphism. The first group of papers discussed in this section concerns determination of the P–T conditions and definition of the P–T paths from metamorphic rocks using combinations of results from thermobarometry and reactions formulated from interpretations of microstructural relations linked to generalized petrogenetic grids. Although evidence of the prograde path is commonly lacking, sometimes inclusion assemblages in garnet enable this to be constrained and allow for a more complete P–T path to be constructed (Jones & Brown, 1990).

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