Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface

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Edited By: Robert Levy, MD, PhD

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Virtual Issue-Urological Disorders

What does the Virtual Issue - Urological Disorders include?
New and better ways of treating urological disorders continue to evolve on the basis of research which, in the field of neuromodulation, is particularly vibrant. Neuromodulation research has made important contributions to the knowledge base of 21st century urological disorder care. Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface regularly publishes original research articles, case reports, and reviews of relevance to urological disorder care. These different kinds of articles and a range of topics are reflected in the set of papers that has been selected to go into this virtual issue.

Virtual Issue - Urological Disorders

Implant driven tibial nerve stimulation in the treatment of refractory overactive bladder syndrome: 12-month follow-up
Floor van der Pal, Michael van Balken, John Heesakkers, Frans Debruyne, Bart Bemelmans

Principles of Sacral Nerve Stimulation (SNS) for the Treatment of Bladder and Urethral Sphincter Dysfunctions
Michael B Chancellor, Emmauel J Chartier-Kastler

Lower Urinary Tract and Bowel Disorders and Multiple Sclerosis: Role of Sacral Neuromodulation: A Preliminary Report
Daniele Minardi, Giovanni Muzzonigro

Findings with Bilateral Sacral Neurostimulation: Sixty-two PNE-Tests in Patients with Neurogenic and Idiopathic Bladder Dysfunctions
Christoph Seif, Julia Eckermann, Stephan Bross, Francisco Jose Martinez Portillo, Klaus-Peter Jünemann, Peter-Martin Braun

Recent Advances: Sacral Nerve Root Stimulation Using a Retrograde Method of Lead Insertion for the Treatment of Pelvic Pain due to Interstitial
Cystitis Claudio A. Feler, Louis A. Whitworth, Daniel Brookoff, Rebecca Powell

Sacral Nerve Stimulation for Pelvic Floor and Bladder Dysfunction in Adults and Children
K. Everaert, U. Van den Hombergh

Sacral Nerve Root Stimulation for the Treatment of Urge Incontinence and Detrusor Dysfunction Utilizing a Cephalocaudal Intraspinal Method of Lead Insertion: A Case Report
Kenneth M Aló, Raka Gohel, Clyde L Corey

Selective Nerve Root Stimulation (SNRS) for the Treatment of Intractable Pelvic Pain and Motor Dysfunction: A Case Report
Kenneth M Aló, Esperanza Mckay