Restoration Ecology

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Below you will find a list of the top accessed articles from the Restoration Ecology so far during 2014 and 2015. These are free to access, so start reading some of our most popular articles.

Toward a post-conflict Colombia: restoring to the future. Mauricio Aguilar, Jorge Sierra, Wilson Ramirez, Orlando Vargas, Zoraida Calle, William Vargas, Carolina Murcia, James Aronson and José I. Barrera Cataño.

Resolving the value of the dingo in ecological restoration. Thomas M. Newsome, Guy-Anthony Ballard, Mathew S. Crowther, Justin A. Dellinger, Peter J. S. Fleming, Alistair S. Glen, Aaron C. Greenville and Chris N. Johnson, et al.

Passive Recovery of Vegetation after Herbivore Eradication on Santa Cruz Island, California. Roxanne S. Beltran, Nissa Kreidler, Dirk H. Van Vuren, Scott A. Morrison, Erika S. Zavaleta, Kelly Newton, Bernie R. Tershy and Donald A. Croll.

Most Accessed Articles in 2013

Ecological Restoration and Global Climate Change (James A. Harris, Richard J. Hobbs, Eric Higgs and James Aronson)

Importance of Backyard Habitat in a Comprehensive Biodiversity Conservation Strategy: A Connectivity Analysis of Urban Green Spaces (Hillary Rudd, Jamie Vala and Valentin Schaefer)

Towards a Conceptual Framework for Restoration Ecology (Richard J. Hobbs and David A Norton)

Restoration Success: How Is It Being Measured? (Maria C. Ruiz-Jaen and T. Mitchell Aide)

Ecological Theory and Community Restoration Ecology (Margaret A. Palmer, Richard F. Ambrose and N. LeRoy Poff)