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Restoration Ecology Celebrates the International Year of Biodiversity,

Published: 27 Apr 2010

From Biodiversity to Ecodiversity: A Landscape-Ecology Approach to Conservation and Restoration
Z. Naveh

Biodiversity Resources for Restoration Ecology
Steven N. Handel, George R. Robinson, Andrew J. Beattie

European Wet Grasslands: Biodiversity, Management, and Restoration
Joy B. Zedler

Precious Heritage: The Status of Biodiversity in the United States
Reed F. Noss

Importance of Backyard Habitat in a Comprehensive Biodiversity Conservation Strategy: A Connectivity Analysis of Urban Green Spaces
Hillary Rudd, Jamie Vala, Valentin Schaefer

Research Priorities for Conservation of Metallophyte Biodiversity and their Potential for Restoration and Site Remediation
S. N. Whiting, R. D. Reeves, D. Richards, M. S. Johnson, J. A. Cooke, F. Malaisse, A. Paton, J. A. C. Smith, J. S. Angle, R. L. Chaney, R. Ginocchio, T. Jaffr0233, R. Johns, T. McIntyre, O. W. Purvis, D. E. Salt, H. Schat, F. J. Zhao, A. J. M. Baker

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning: Synthesis and Perspectives
Beth Middleton and Jim Grace

Biodiversity 0150 The Appreciation of Different Thought Styles and Values Helps to Clarify the Term
Philipp Mayer

Establishing Baseline Indices for the Quality of the Biodiversity of Restored Habitats Using a Standardized Sampling Process
Alan Feest

An Approach to the Identification of Indicators for Forest Biodiversity 0150 The Solling Mountains (NW Germany) as an Example
Inga Schmidt, Stefan Zerbe, J0246rg Betzin, Martin Weckesser

Biodiversity and the Heterogeneous Disturbance Regime on Military Training Lands
Steven D. Warren, Scott W. Holbrook, Debra A. Dale, Nathaniel L. Whelan, Martin Elyn, Wolfgang Grimm, Anke Jentsch

Biodiversity of Belowground Invertebrates as an Indicator of Wet Meadow Restoration Success (Platte River, Nebraska)
John J. Riggins, Craig A. Davis, W. Wyatt Hoback

Are Replanted Floodplain Forests in Southeastern Australia Providing Bird Biodiversity Benefits?
Ralph Mac Nally, Leah De Vries, James R. Thomson

Climate Change Implications for River Restoration in Global Biodiversity Hotspots
Peter M. Davies