Journal of Industrial Ecology

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Edited By: Reid Lifset

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Online ISSN: 1530-9290

Virtual Issue: Business & Industrial Ecology

Industrial ecology is a rapidly growing field with critical intersections with business management. Industrial ecology indicates ways in which firms and industries can and are currently confronting the realities of their environmental impacts. Industrial ecology is industrial in that it often focuses on product design and manufacturing processes and views firms as agents for potential environmental improvement because they possess the technological expertise that is critical to the successful execution of environmentally-informed design of products and processes. This virtual issue presents a selection of articles that focus on the juncture between industrial ecology and business.

Industrial ecology and competitiveness: Strategic implications for the firm
Esty, D. C. and M. E. Porter

Market failure and the environmental policies of firms: Economic rationales for "beyond compliance" behavior
Reinhardt, F.

Does it really pay to be green? An empirical study of firm environmental and financial performance
King, A. A. and M. J. Lenox

Improving environmental performance assessment: A comparative analysis of weighting methods used to evaluate chemical release inventories
Toffel, M. W. and J. D. Marshall

Environmental impacts of conventional and sustainable investment funds compared using input-output life-cycle assessment
Koellner, T., S. Suh, O. Weber, C. Moser, and R. W. Scholz

Corporate carbon performance indicators - Carbon intensity, dependency, exposure and risk
Hoffmann, V. H. and T. Busch

Companies on the scale: Comparing and benchmarking the sustainability performance of businesses
Wiedmann, T. O., M. Lenzen, and J. R. Barrett

The effect of life cycle cost information on consumer investment decisions regarding eco-innovation
Kaenzig, J. and R. Wüstenhagen

Corporate carbon performance indicators revisited
Busch, T.

Life cycle cost disclosure, consumer behavior, and business implications: Evidence from an online field experiment
Deutsch, M.

Environmental supply chain cooperation and its effect on the circular economy practice-performance relationship among Chinese manufacturers
Zhu, Q., Y. Geng, and K.-h. Lai