Journal of Prosthodontics

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Edited By: David A. Felton, University of Mississippi

Impact Factor: 1.133

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2015: 55/89 (Dentistry Oral Surgery & Medicine)

Online ISSN: 1532-849X

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A Retrospective Analysis of 800 Brånemark System Implants Following the All-on-Four™ Protocol
Balshi, Thomas J.; Wolfinger, Glenn J.; Slauch, Robert W.; et al.
Volume: 23 Issue: 2

Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trial of Bilayer Ceramic and Metal-Ceramic Crown Performance
Esquivel-Upshaw, Josephine; Rose, William; Oliveira, Erica; et al.
Volume: 22 Issue: 3

Clinical and Histological Findings of Denture Stomatitis as Related to Intraoral Colonization Patterns of Candida albicans, Salivary Flow, and Dry Mouth
Altarawneh, Sandra; Bencharit, Sompop; Mendoza, Luisito; et al.
Volume: 22 Issue: 1

An In Vivo Evaluation of Fit of Zirconium-Oxide Based Ceramic Single Crowns, Generated with Two CAD/CAM Systems, in Comparison to Metal Ceramic Single Crowns
Biscaro, Leonello; Bonfiglioli, Roberto; Soattin, Massimo; et al.
Volume: 22 Issue: 1

A Systematic Review of the Clinical Performance of Tooth-Retained and Implant-Retained Double Crown Prostheses with a Follow-Up of >= 3 Years Verma, Rohini; Joda, Tim; Braegger, Urs; et al.
Volume: 22 Issue: 1

Accuracy and Reliability of Methods to Measure Marginal Adaptation of Crowns and FDPs: A Literature Review
Nawafleh, Noor A.; Mack, Florian; Evans, Jane; et al.
Volume: 22 Issue: 5

A Systematic Review of Screw- versus Cement-Retained Implant-Supported Fixed Restorations
Sherif, Sami; Susarla, Harlyn K.; Kapos, Theodoros; et al.
Volume: 23 Issue: 1

Surface Characteristics and Cell Adhesion: A Comparative Study of Four Commercial Dental Implants
Liu, Ruohong; Lei, Tianhua; Dusevich, Vladimir; et al.
Volume: 22 Issue: 8

Evaluation of Fracture Resistance in Aqueous Environment of Four Restorative Systems for Posterior Applications. Part 1
Dhima, Matilda; Assad, Daniel A.; Volz, John E.; et al.
Volume: 22 Issue: 4

Influence of a Nanoporous Zirconia Implant Surface of on Cell Viability of Human Osteoblasts
Aboushelib, Moustafa N.; Osman, Essam; Jansen, Ineke; et al.
Volume: 22 Issue: 3