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Edited By: Paul M. Ness

Impact Factor: 3.568

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Online ISSN: 1537-2995

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Reversal of drug-induced anticoagulation: old solutions and new problems

Walter “Sunny” Dzik


Transfusion of older stored blood and risk of death: a meta-analysis

Dong Wang, Junfeng Sun, Steven B. Solomon, Harvey G. Klein and Charles Natanson


Adverse effects of plasma transfusion

Suchitra Pandey and Girish N. Vyas


Evidence-based practice guidelines for plasma transfusion

John D. Roback, Stephen Caldwell, Jeff Carson, Robertson Davenport, Mary Jo Drew, Anne Eder, Mark Fung, Marilyn Hamilton, John R. Hess, Naomi Luban, Jeremy G. Perkins, Bruce S. Sachais, Aryeh Shander, Toby Silverman, Ed Snyder, Christopher Tormey, John Waters and Ben Djulbegovic


Is fresh-frozen plasma clinically effective? An update of a systematic review of randomized controlled trials (CME)

Lucy Yang, Simon Stanworth, Sally Hopewell, Carolyn Doree and Mike Murphy


Plasma transfusion for patients with severe hemorrhage: what is the evidence?

Jeannie L. Callum and Sandro Rizoli


Transfusion-associated circulatory overload after plasma transfusion

Christina Narick, Darrell J. Triulzi and Mark H. Yazer


A comparative evaluation of rotation thromboelastometry and standard coagulation tests in hemodilution-induced coagulation changes after cardiac surgery

Satoru Ogawa, Fania Szlam, Edward P. Chen, Takashi Nishimura, Heezoo Kim, John D. Roback, Jerrold H. Levy and Kenichi A. Tanaka


Initial experiences with point-of-care rapid thrombelastography for management of life-threatening postinjury coagulopathy

Jeffry L. Kashuk, Ernest E. Moore, Max Wohlauer, Jeffrey L. Johnson, Michael Pezold, Jerry Lawrence, Walter L. Biffl, C. Clay Cothren Burlew, Carlton Barnett, Michael Sawyer and Angela Sauaia


Plasma components: properties, differences, and uses

Richard John Benjamin and Lisa Swinton McLaughlin