Public Budgeting & Finance

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Edited By: Philip Joyce and William Simonsen

Online ISSN: 1540-5850

Dual Submission

Consequences for Dual-Submission

Violation of the dual-submission policy is treated as a serious violation of academic standards. Any violation of dual submission policy will be subject to any or all of the following sanctions at the discretion of the editors of Public Budgeting & Finance:

- The manuscript will be rejected if not yet published.
- The author and all co-authors of the manuscript will be barred from submitting an article in Public Budgeting & Finance for up to five years.
- If the manuscript has been published, a subsequent issue of Public Budgeting & Finance may contain an announcement of the violation of this standard.
- The editor of the other affected journal may be notified.
- The author(s)' academic deans or supervisors may be notified.

The editors or publisher may take additional actions in particularly extreme instances. Editorial decisions may be appealed to the board of Public Financial Publications, the publishers of Public Budgeting & Finance.

We strongly encourage authors to consult with the edtiors, William Duncombe ( or Philip Joyce (, if you are concerned that a manuscript may violate this policy. Our goal is to assist you in avoiding any violation of the dual submission policy.