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Technology Acceptance Model 3 and a Research Agenda on Interventions
Viswanath Venkatesh, Hillol Bala
Volume 39, Issue 2

Internal and External Integration for Product Development: The Contingency Effects of Uncertainty, Equivocality, and Platform Strategy
Xenophon Koufteros, Mark Vonderembse, Jayanth Jayaram
Volume 36, Issue 1

The Severity of Supply Chain Disruptions: Design Characteristics and Mitigation Capabilities
Christopher W. Craighead, Jennifer Blackhurst, M. Johnny Rungtusanatham, Robert B. Handfield
Volume 38, Issue 1

Determining Uses and Gratifications for the Internet
Thomas F. Stafford, Marla Royne Stafford, Lawrence L. Schkade
Volume 35, Issue 2

Ability of Experience Design Elements to Elicit Emotions and Loyalty Behaviors
Madeleine E. Pullman, Michael A. Gross
Volume 35, Issue 3

The Effect of Team Leader Characteristics on Learning, Knowledge Application, and Performance of Cross-Functional New Product Development Teams
Shikhar Sarin, Christopher McDermott
Volume 34, Issue 4

Modeling Supply Chain Dynamics: A Multiagent Approach*
Jayashankar M. Swaminathan, Stephen F. Smith, Norman M. Sadeh
Volume 29, Issue 3

Customizing Quality Management Practices: A Conceptual and Measurement Framework
Dongli Zhang, Kevin Linderman, Roger G. Schroeder
Volume 45, Issue 1

Virtual Teams versus Face-to-Face Teams: An Exploratory Study of a Web-based Conference System*
Merrill E. Warkentin, Lutfus Sayeed, Ross Hightower
Volume 28, Issue 4

Success Factors in Strategic Supplier Alliances: The Buying Company Perspective*
Robert M. Monczka, Kenneth J. Petersen, Robert B. Handfield, Gary L. Ragatz
Volume 29, Issue 3

Decision Sciences Research in China: Current Status, Opportunities, and Propositions for Research in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, and Quality Management*
Xiande Zhao, Barbara B. Flynn, Aleda V. Roth
Volume 38, Issue 1

Encounter Satisfaction in E-tailing: Are the Relationships of Order Fulfillment Service Quality with its Antecedents and Consequences Moderated by Historical Satisfaction?
Xenophon Koufteros, Cornelia Droge, Gregory Heim, Nelson Massad, Shawnee K. Vickery
Volume 45, Issue 1

Emergency Department Staff Planning to Improve Patient Care and Reduce Costs
Subhamoy Ganguly, Stephen Lawrence, Mark Prather
Volume 45, Issue 1

Closed-Loop Supply Chains: A Critical Review, and Future Research*
Gilvan C. Souza
Volume 44, Issue 1

Understanding the Elusive Black Box of Dynamic Capabilities
Paul A. Pavlou, Omar A. El Sawy
Volume 42, Issue 1

Competitive Priorities in Operations Management
Peter T. Ward, John K. McCreery, Larry P. Ritzman, and Deven Sharma
Volume 29, Issue 4

Quantity Flexibility Contract in the Presence of Discount Incentive
Wenming Chung, Srinivas Talluri, Ram Narasimhan
Volume 45, Issue 1

The Importance of Social Embeddedness: Churn Models at Mobile Providers
Gábor Benedek, Ágnes Lublóy, Gyula Vastag
Volume 45, Issue 1

Exploiting Technological Indicators for Effective Technology Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Predictions
Chin-Sheng Yang, Chih-Ping Wei, Yu-Hsun Chiang
Volume 45, Issue 1

Managing Employee Compliance with Information Security Policies: The Critical Role of Top Management and Organizational Culture*
Qing Hu, Tamara Dinev, Paul Hart, Donna Cooke
Volume 43, Issue 4

Dynamic Capability Building in Service Value Networks for Achieving Service Innovation
Renu Agarwal, and Willem Selen
Volume 40, Issue 3

Understanding the Antecedents of Effective Knowledge Management: The Importance of a Knowledge-Centered Culture*
Brian D. Janz, Pattarawan Prasarnphanich
Volume 34, Issue 2

The Interdisciplinary Future of Supply Chain Management Research
Nada R. Sanders, Zach G. Zacharia, Brian S. Fugate
Volume 44, Issue 3

Examining the Impact of Interorganizational Systems on Process Efficiency and Sourcing Leverage in Buyer–Supplier Dyads
Khawaja A. Saeed, Manoj K. Malhotra, Varun Grover
Volume 36, Issue 3

Bridging Practice and Theory: A Design Science Approach
Jan Holmström, Mikko Ketokivi, and Ari-Pekka Hameri
Volume 40, Issue 1