Journal of The Historical Society

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Edited By: Peter A. Coclanis Managing Editor:Scott Hovey

Online ISSN: 1540-5923

Editorial Board

Peter A. Coclanis

Managing Editor
Scott Hovey

Associate Editors
Eric Arnesen
Franklin Knight

Consulting Editor
George Huppert

Editorial Board
Chris Beneke
Bentley College

David Carlton
Vanderbilt University

Peter Coclanis
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Thomas Ferguson
University of Massachusetts at Boston

John Higginson
University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Philip Hoffman
California Institute of Technology

Franklin Knight
Johns Hopkins University

Robert E. Lerner
Northwestern University

James Livingston
Rutgers University

Scott Marler
University of Memphis

Herman Ooms
University of California at Los Angeles

Mark F. Proudman
Independent Scholar

Paul Rahe
Hillsdale College

James Sack
University of Illinois at Chicago

James Sheehan
Stanford University

Carol Thomas
University of Washington

Jon Westling
Boston University