Journal of Chinese Philosophy

Cover image for Vol. 41 Issue 3-4

Edited By: Chung-Ying Cheng

Online ISSN: 1540-6253


Online content now available back to Volume 1 (1973)
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Call for Papers
The Journal of Chinese Philosophy is currently calling for submission of papers and articles on the following topics and categories:

1. Rationality, Chinese and Western
2. Human Rights, Chinese and. Western
3. Human Knowledge, Chinese Indian, and Western
4. Chinese Hermeneutics and Chinese Philosophy  
5. Moral Metaphysics and Onto-Ethics
6. Global Ethics in Confucian and Daoist Approaches
7. Human Will and Human Nature
8. Human Emotions and Human Reason
9. Philosophy of History and Globalization
10. Lessons from Contemporary Chinese Philosophy
11. Contemporary Issues from Chinese Philosophy Perspective
12. Issues Arising from Difference between Chinese Philosophy and Western Philosophy
13. Chinese Philosophy in Analytical Approach
14. Analytical Issues in Chinese Philosophical Perspective
15. Understanding Change and Dialectics
16. Chinese Aesthetics and Ontology
17. Dao and God:  Unity or Diversity
18. Ontology and Interpretation
19. Zhu Xi and Wang Yangming
20. Philosophy of Yi Jing
21. Chinese Philosophy of Language and Chinese Logic
22. Chinese Philosophy of Law

All submitted papers and articles must follow the established format of the Journal. For further details, please see the Author Guidelines page.

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