Financial Review

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Edited By: Srini Krishnamurthy, NC State University; Richard Warr, NC State University

Online ISSN: 1540-6288

Call for Papers

The Financial Review: Special Issue Call for Papers
Special Issue Topic: Short Selling
Special Issue Editor: Robert Battalio, University of Notre Dame

The Financial Review is announcing a call for papers for a special issue on short selling. Professor Robert Battalio will be the editor for this special issue. Short selling has been a hot topic in the news recently, with the SEC's ban of short selling in financial stocks for a period of time in 2008 (Germany's ban in 2010) and the recent debate about instituting new rules for short sellers.

Short selling behavior
Lending in short selling markets
Naked short selling
Effects of short selling
Rule changes and short selling
Relation between short selling and short interest
Short selling in international markets
Fails to delver of shorted securities

Paper Submission Process:
The submission deadline for the Special Issue is December 1st, 2010. Authors are encouraged to submit their work as soon as it is ready for consideration. If you wish to have your paper considered for the special issue- mention this in the cover letter of the submission. The link to the online submission system is: