Risk Management and Insurance Review

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Edited By: Patricia Born & Gene Lai

Online ISSN: 1540-6296

Associated Title(s): Journal of Risk and Insurance

Editorial Board

RMIR Editorial Board

Patricia Born, Florida State University
Gene Lai, Washington State University

Assistant Editor
Tice Sirmans
Florida State University
Dr. William T. Hold/The National Alliance
Program in Risk Management and Insurance
821 Academic Way
PO Box 3061110
Tallahassee, FL 32306-1110
(Fax) 850-644-4077
e-mail: RMIR@business.fsu.edu

Book Review Editor
David Cather, Penn State University

Associate Editors
James Carson, The University of Georgia
Richard A. Derrig, Opal Consulting LLC
David Durbin, PartnerRe
Nadine Gatzert, Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
Robert E. Hoyt, University of Georgia
Robert W. Klein, Georgia State University
Robert Lieberthal, Jefferson School of Population Health
Moshe Milevsky, York University, Toronto & The IFID Centre
Nicos Scordis, St. Johns University
Martin Shubik, Yale University
David W. Sommer, St. Mary’s University
Qixiang Sun, Peking University
Larry Y. Tzeng, National Taiwan University
Steven N. Weisbart, Insurance Information Institute